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S a c r e d    C e r e m o n y   P l a n n i n g 

This offering is for brides + grooms to be to have a safe + sacred space to reconnect back to the true power of their wedding ceremony.

It is not compulsory to come as a couple, it may be that the bride or groom come seperatley, gathering information + relaying to their partners. 

This session is an opportunity for you to connect back to your deeper thoughts, beliefs + intentions around your wedding ceremony.


It will hold as an intentional space to connect back to your dreams + visions; allowing you to block out any other peoples expectations or any fears you have around how the day will unfold.  


I will offer intuitive guidance,support and insights as to different rituals + acts of power you can weave into your ceremony, manifestation techniques to call in things for the wedding, and deeper spiritual practices to support you in the lead up. 

Working with you bespokely to create the most authentic ceremony for you and your partner in order to support you in transitioning through the sacred act of Marriage.

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