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A 3 month journey back to self through Sisterhood 

Weekly spiritual lessons, practices + workbooks

Group sessions 

Private community of like minded Women

Check ins

£80 per month / £240 for 3 months


Start Date: New Moon, June 13th 2018

End Date: New Moon, September 9th 2018  

Are you ready to begin the  journey, the courageous journey back to your true self?

Are you ready to unlock the parts of yourself that you've been hiding? 


Are you hearing the call but don’t know where or how to begin?  

Are you ready to learn the power of sisterhood, to feely fully supported by Women who want you to rise, Women who want to hold space for you, empower you and inspire you on the journey?

Are you ready to to explore the depths of yourself in a safe, spiritual and sacred way? 


Are you ready begin the journey of shedding and releasing all thats no longer serving you?

Only to arrive back at who you were all along.


The Powerful, Magical, Beautiful, Wise, Courageous, Knowing Goddess that lives within. 


What to expect...

⋙ ⋗ A 3 month journey of connection, support  empowerment and growth

⋙ ⋗ An intimate community of 13 women to journey with through this program

⋙ ⋗ Every week you will receive an email workbook with a new spiritual practice to journey through, filled with exercises and prompts to integrate these teachings into your daily life

⋙ ⋗ You will be invited and have access to a private and sacred online community, where you can share your journey + findings with the other Women who are journeying through the program 

⋙ ⋗ Once a week we will gather on a 1 hour video call to connect and support one another 

⋙ ⋗ Once a week you will have a 1:1, 15 minute check in with me on the phone


⋙ ⋗ Women who are feeling disconnected, lost, and ​uncertain about their current path 

⋙ ⋗ Women who are hearing a call within them to reconnect back to their  true spirit but don't know where to start 

⋙ ⋗ Women who are ready to begin their spiritual journey or have begun, but are seeking support 

⋙ ⋗ Women who are seeking a safe space to explore the depths of themselves ; feeling heard, seen, supported and not judged. 

⋙ ⋗ Women who are ready to rise  and are seeking for a community of like minded Women to rise along side

UNLOCK the journey... 

When I began my journey back to my true self, I had to let go of many masks I'd placed upon myself, I had to become aware of who I wasn't in order to return back to who I truly was. 


I longed to have a community around me, to feel supported, heard and most importantly to not feel alone. For isn't that what we all seek, to be seen? 


The more I longed for it, the more it came into being, and I started walking my journey with a tribe of sisters around. Women who truly wanted to see me rise, who wanted to support me, who held space for me, empowered and inspired me and in turn taught me how to do the same for them. 


For we are all just mirrors, mirroring back our truths back to one another. 


The journey we take back to our true self is made all the more powerful when you walk it alongside your sisters. Sisters who are travelling down that same path, the ones who are ready to rise into the Women they know deep down they are.

Thats why I’ve created this offering... to support you all in unlocking the most powerful parts of yourself so you can truly rise into the Woman that deep down you know you are too.  


This 3 month journey will support you by guiding you gently back to that space, whilst journeying with a tribe of soul sisters beside you. 


You will not only arrive back at your truth, but by the end you will learn  that although this is your journey to take, you don't need to walk it alone.

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