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T H E   M A M A ' S  V I L L A G E

A sacred space created for mama's + babies to gather. To find their tribe, to meet like-spirited people 

To rebuild the village. 

To remember that we were never meant to do this alone. 

T H E W O M E N ' S C I R C L E T R A I N I N G I S B A C K !! (24).jpg

Join Anoushka Florence, Mama of The Goddess Space + her daughter Luna alongside, Debbie Raynor, a women’s Mysteries guide, midwife of the soul + trained holistic Waldorf early years practitioner as they co-create a safe and sacred space for Mama's + their babes to gather.

A space created for conscious mama's seeking to find a tribe of like-spirited women. A space created with the intention for Mama's to connect back to themselves, their babies, nature + each other.

This is an ode to rebuilding the village; as such, this is a journey, not just a drop in.

We will gather every week in person in an enchanted garden in Little Venice as we begin to grow a supportive community around us. 

Held by the earth, perched under the trees; we will come together in circle where we can openly discuss the joys and challenges of raising a child in this modern world. Creating an open space to share our stories, a space to be heard, listened too and witnessed. 


Each month we will spend time sharing in circle; often we will make simple crafts, make herbal remedies, and drink tea around the fire...  whilst our children and babies play safely with one another enjoying their surroundings.






OCTOBER 11TH  2022



2.30pm - 4.30pm 


Little Venice,




Babies from 0 months - 3 years 


Summer Term

3 week Commitment to step into the circle 

Total price: £105








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