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8 week online course









For what is the Feminine?


How do we access it?


How can we tap into the infinite powers available to us as Women?


How do we reclaim it?


How do we find our strength, our magik, are power in the feminine?


My name is Anoushka. I work as a healer to support Women on their journeys back to remembering.  I have been creating Sacred spaces for Women to gather, to feel heard + held, supported and empowered in order to remind Women of what they already know.

For all that we seek lies within, it all lives inside of us.

























Together, with my Soul Sister, Vienda Maria, we have created an 8 week online course to support you in tapping into the infinite wisdom available to us as Women.


"We all have ideas around what feminine is and what it isn’t. But what if all those predisposed ideas are completely wrong?!! What if it’s not about fitting ourselves into a box but rather deepening our understanding of who we are at our essence and drawing that unique

signature out in each of us.


My name is Vienda Maria. I work as a writer and mentor and run a holistic wellness site for women. Using a balanced masculine/feminine approach by combining psychology and spirituality I teach how to anchor yourself in your inner wisdom in such a way that you are so embodied and resilient to external forces that you become fully authentic and magnetic."





















By the end of this 8-week course, you will embrace being feminine and will feel confident in owning your feminine uniqueness, without comparing it to anyone else. Spending time with, collaborating and supporting women will feel safe and nurturing and you will finally be able to take a deep breath and ask for what you want as well as be able to hold and receive it. You will feel connected to your feminine energy at a fundamental level without having to defend or downplay yourself. Best of all you will walk away with a set of practical tools that you can use to feel empowered within your feminity, as well as get to know a whole new tribe of soul-sisters that are on the same journey as you, by your side.


If you are hearing the call to redefine what it is to be a woman and truly step into your power … then join us on this journey of remembering + relearning how to truly connect + embody the FEMININE.





REGISTRATION OPENS: Wednesday, March 5th

DELIVERY: 8-week digital video course & sacred community

START DATE: March 20th, 2019 



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