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The most magikal you...


What is this course?


The most magical you is an 8 week mentoring program that supports you in rising into the most magikal version of yourself.


This is a call out to Women who are ready to create the space and time for themselves to journey within; for all those Women who seek to connect back to their wisdom, their inner wise woman and unlock the messages that are waiting to be received.


Many women feel like they don't know who they really are or how to access their power, as its drowned out in a world filled with busy-ness and noise. In this 2-month journey together you will receive supported guidance into uncovering and harnessing the Magik that is you. Through weekly personalised 1:1calls, a guided structured email program and access to a community of women worldwide who are taking the steps to reconnect back to themselves you will be fully supported to start living the life that is truly yours.


Feeling the call?



There are only 12 spaces available for this course.

Registration closes on the Summer Solstice June 21st 2018 

On Sunday, June 24th 2018 we will begin our 2 month journey filled with weekly 1:1 calls, emails filled with Magikal steps, tools and practices and lots of guidance along the way.


As a true believer in the power of support, I will hold space for you as you journey through this. You will be accountable and feel 100% supported and guided on this exciting new chapter that lies ahead.


Each week you will receive different themes to work on, which will take you on an enchanting journey creating the space for real change and Magik to happen.


The 8 week program will be divided into 3 Magikal parts:


  1. How to connect Back to Your Heart

  2. What is Magik and How to tap into it? 

  3. How to Manifest your Magik


We will end the journey on August 19th with a closing online ceremony. The work, energy and tools cultivated by that time will have given you: 



  • The practices to support you in connecting back to your heart anytime you want 

  • Awareness of the Magik within you and all around you

  • Clarity of your talents and the gifts within 

  • The courage, trust and belief to bring your gifts into the world and live in alignment with the most Magikal you...


What do I get?


8 x 30 minute weekly 1:1 calls with me

8 x support guided emails

8 x Topics and tools to explore and work through


How much does it cost?


2 easy and affordable payments of £177


What can I expect?


Every Sunday you will receive a support email from me with details on how to prepare for the next week and a workbook including beautiful insights into the topic we’re covering, questions, and practices.


Coaching calls will take place during the week from Tuesday onwards.


Please sure you save up all your questions for our 1:1 sessions, so we can focus on what you're stuck with or what has been Magikally changing for you.


Connecting back to your heart


Week 1:

Creating Space.

Importance of creating space both within and outside of ourselves

Sitting with our Feelings

How can you create more space for yourself?


Week 2:


Feeling Lost?

How to find your way back to yourself



Week 3: Choose Love Over Fear

The difference between acting from a place of Fear and Love

How to tell the difference?

How to move into acting from love



Week 4: Learning to Trust

What trust looks like

How to trust ourselves


Believing in Magik



Week 5: What is Magik?

Recognising the Magik that exists in every moment

Exploring where has it shown up in our lives before



Week 6: How to believe in Magik?

What are the ways of working with it

How we can bring Magik into our everyday life



Manifest Your Magik



Week 7: Your Unique Magik

Discovering how Magik is expressed through you

Bring it to life



Week 8: Manifest Your Magik

Tools and skills on how to manifest your Magik

Learn to charge your magic and use it anywhere, every day


Laura, USA

Anoushka is a truly gifted soul who shows up to every session tender and ready to powerfully and gently hold space for her clients to journey inward.  This course really brought me back to a place of discovering my own inner magik. I highly recommend this course for any one who wants to connect more deeply with their divine feminine side, their heart messages, and define or redefine thier most magical self!

Mary, Sweeden

"This course will guide you back to yourself. Rediscovering who you are. Tears were shed, hearts were mended. The course was amazing and I absolutely adore Anoushka"

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