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23RD APR - 26TH APR 2020


Self-Healing: Everyone needs healing. As human beings it is inevitable for us to have acquired some sort of ‘baggage’ over the years. Everyone accumulates preconditioning from external elements as children and as we evolve into adults it is our duty to unbind this preconditioning and baggage. It is our journey to become aware of our internal makeup to avoid manifesting by default, running on autopilot.

Self-Healing bursts open the door to a conscious existence. We become aware. We become the conscious observers of our physical reality and can have realisations such as why we think/behave the way we do. Through self-healing we rewire the mind and body so that we react to our physical reality from the space of authenticity and resonance and not from the perspective of our five-year-old selves. In order to view physical reality with clarity, everyone needs healing. In some way or another.

So many of us feel so lost in the darkness, because we haven’t been given the tools, support and guidance to help us remember, that the way lies deep within us. Self-Healing, is the actualisation that we contain all that we need to heal, to transform, to alchemise. Just like a flower in the right environment; it doesn’t seek for anything outside of it in order to become. It gracefully grows, honouring each phase, and surrendering to the process.

Once you start the journey of Self-Healing, you begin the journey back to yourself, delayering all the conditionings that block you from remembering your essence, your power, your divinity. So join us on the journey, as we gather together as Women, in an intimate sacred space and call back our power through ritual and sisterhood. 

Step away from your comfort zone as we travel together to a new land, beginning a brand new journey on a quest to uncover the medicine we seek, remembering how to become own healers as we grow through our darkness and learn to alchemise it into light.










  1. 5* Luxury Accommodation at Farm Oaks Barns. (Shared & Private Rooms available)

  2. All daily meals prepared with organic local ingredients by private chef

  3. All programmed & scheduled activities


  1. Flights & Travel insurance

  2. Pre & Post Retreat Destination Immersion trips

  3. All Optional Activities

  4. Spa & Wellness Treatments

To read more + book your spot do so here!

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