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"I cannot say enough about how much I enjoyed the course, The Most Magikal You with Anoushka. I was immediately drawn to the course, and very happy that I chose to be a part of it. Each week, Anoushka emails you a detailed and inspirational PDF workbook that ignites beautiful journal writing and time to reflect on her lessons. The pace of the course was well spread out with a weekly call with her to follow up on the guided material. 


"Anoushka is a truly gifted soul who shows up to every session tender and ready to powerfully and gently hold space for her clients to journey inwards. I have worked with many other coaches, spiritual guides and creative leaders and it was an absolute pleasure to know that I was in such good hands. Anoushka really knows how to balance gentle coaching with spiritual insights that helped me to discover things that I had long forgotten."

Laura Madrigano 

"Anoushka has a radient, warm & welcoming energy, that puts you instantly at ease. She is gifted & skilled at creating beautiful, sacred spaces that truly signal that something special & magikal is about to take place.

. Anoushka is a natural at what she does, we all felt deeply supported & with her guidence we were able to convey to our beautiful bride how deeply loved & treasured she is. I will be forever grateful to Anoushka for creating such a memorable & moving evening. The Bridal Blessing was perfect, it was everything i envisioned it to be & more."

Sadie Krumstets

"Wonderful 1:1 with the magical goddess herself. From the get go, I felt safe, tranquil and super relaxed in my surroundings. Anoushka is a pleasure to open up to and I left there feeling much lighter and excited for entering a new chapter and trusting in the new tools i'd been given to help and guide me. I'd recommend to anyone needing some guidance and a little Magik back in their lives...."

11:1 Goddess Guidance 

Kelly | London 

'It was such a treat to spend an hour with Anoushka in her calming and beautiful space. Anoushka helps you feel welcomed from the moment she opens the door. The hour was spent focusing on deepening my intuition and learning to lead from my heart. All the little extras (I won't ruin the surprise) are a beautiful bonus to the hour of feminine energy and wisdom she imparts and the centred feeling you are left with for the rest of the day.'

1:1 Goddess Guidance 

Kate | Psychologist | London

"My 1:1 session wtih Anoushka was thoroughly uplifting and unique. The Goddess Space is like a sacred little haven of Feminine harmony and energy! Anoushka's ability to listen and provide guidance to help me discover answers within myself is a very balancing experience and I left feeling calm and filled with knowledge. I'm so happy to have discovered this space - I will be returning shortly!"

1:1 Goddess Guidance 

Alexia |  Creative Writer | London

"I booked the 1-1 session out of a need of feeling so uneasy within myself. It was a decision I made in an instant - next day I'm on a call to Anoushka. I didn't really know how/what to expect but it was magical. After a very long time I was able to connect with my heart - a space that I hadn't connected with for so long. It was a really beautiful, calming space.


I loved how Anoushka held me to my word in a gentle firming way. And through that I was able to hear through all that inner noise. I came to session feeling really lost and all over the place and left knowing that I'll always be divinely guided - even in the midst of confusion. And that clarity was through connecting back to why I started my work. For the first time ever I considered myself to be a 'creative' - someone who has ebbs and flows in their work, which is such a relief to having previously forcing myself to work when the creativity wasn't there. I know there's a better way now and that makes me soo excited for what's to come!"

1:1 Goddess Guidance ​

Rohima | Blogger | London

" My 1:1 session with Anoushka was so energising, uplifting and positive. Not only did she guide me through some truly hard moments but she also allowed me to change my perception of negative emotions and teach me the tools to take this forward to assist me in my day to day life. I left the session feeling vibrant, free and at peace with myself. Anoushka is an understanding and empathetic teacher who allows you to feel safe to open up in the session. I am already looking forward to my next 1:1" 

Jade | Journalist | London

"A session via Skype can be as magical as in person!

I felt supported and guided when sharing my story and concerns and got some answers and useful tips for solving the situation that was puzzling me.

Anoushka makes the Goddess Session very special by adding her own feminine magic and turning it into a truly great and valuable experience"

1:1 Goddess Guidance

Anna | Fashion Buyer| London

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