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Magik “An effort to make a change in ones life by using ones own personal energy and the energy of surrounding elements”.

I left my job in the pursuit of Magik.

For the past 2 years I’ve been working as a Community Manager for an online marketplace for unique and creative experiences. When I walked into the job it was everything I was seeking ~ my role was to support people in sharing their skills, hobbies and passions with others.

The people I met were fascinating from Beekeepers, to Glass Blowers, Fire Breathers to Hula Hooping Experts ~ I became known as the Dream Builder ~ Excited and ready to help everyone build theirs dreams… I forgot to seek out my own.

One day, I was brainstorming some more creative experiences we could bring on the site, and I came across Astrology ~ I have always been connected to the mystical sides of things ~ so I thought I’d find an astrologer and see if they’d be interested in running some workshops. With that, I dialled the first number I found, and a lady picked up ~ before she could even tell me her name a gust of wind blew and the line hung up. I tried calling her back again and the same thing happened… little did I know then that wind is a sign of an impending magikal meeting. She finally returned my call and after explaining a little bit about what I do she invited me to her home to discuss things further.

I arrived at her flat, on the brink of Hampstead Heath and was introduced to Zoe, she had piercing blue eyes, fiery hair and strong sense of knowing. I walked in and was instantly enveloped in a space filled with Herbs, Potions + Magikal books… She was a Witch. It wasn’t long before I was enchanted; feeling like I had just walked into the fantasy books I used to read about. I stayed with her for hours that day as she took me into worlds within ~ and brought me out with a greater understanding of myself and my purpose.

I returned back once a week for the next few months, learning everything I could from this Wise Woman. Moon Cycles, The Goddess, The Art of Tarot, Astrology, Numeroloy, Herbalism~ when our time came to an end I would skip home and stay up all night learning more and more. I soon began to realise that I was falling in love with Magik.

Everything in my life began to transform.. errands became rituals, and encounters became messages + signs. Whether that meant showering and washing my hair to cleanse myself from the energies I may have picked up during the day or cooking dinner and sealing intentions into the recipes. I began to understand my own my power and understand exactly how to use it.

A passion began to grow inside of me to share what I was learning with others. I wanted to replicate this truly intimate, unique, mystical experience and share it with my friends, and their friends!! Believing that every woman should know the power that lives within and know exactly how to use it!

Now I could put my Dream Building to use … and with that The Moonlight Goddess Gathering was born. Inviting women to gather in my home on the New Moon to connect, support and inspire one another to unleash their magik. The gatherings began to sell out every month, and I soon realised my dream was getting bigger and bigger ~ my dream was to create more and more enchanting and safe spaces where women could uncover and unleash their magik .

Juggling dream building and building my own dream was the next step. That was until I felt ready to step into my power and contribute all that was brewing inside of me..

Last week I left my job in the pursuit of magik.


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