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I packed up my treasures and loaded the car. Today was the start of my SoulCation … and I was off on a road trip to Glastonbury.

Annually I plan a SoulCation, which usually consists of a solo trip to a foreign, unknown land, seeking to immerse myself fully in the culture of a group of spiritual and magikal people; to make my own footprints, be inspired and to grow. The aim of the SoulCation is leave with a memory so rich that it lives forever in my soul.

As a believer of synchronicity's… I was happy to wait for a plan to come to me this year and just like Magik , Zoe appeared and told me she was planning on heading down to Glastonbury at the beginning of January and asked if I wanted to join her.

I didn’t know much about the history of Glastonbury, but I'd spent the entitreity of last year learning about the Pagans and their mystical ways and was totally inspired so it only seemed fit to visit their land and dive into their world fully.

We hit the road on January 17th, and began driving West, the further and further we drove the more the tree's came out to play. The blue skies expanded over the skyline, and the sun shone through the forests that ran either side of the motorway … the journey had begun.

We spent the drive chatting all things Goddesses as we began to see signs for Stonehenge, we drove past the sacred site, and I began to feel the energy change as we passed through the threshold into the mystic lands.

We had all of a sudden become enveloped into a wonderland, the blue skies turned to mist and hung low for us, the birds came out and wrote messages to us, the tree's extended their branches and greeted us, the hills overlapped foreshadowing the route for us, as we began to bend and flow into the landscape... we were pilgrimaging to Glastonbury and I had a lady of the land in my passenger seat.

Just as the sun was beginning to set, we turned the corner, and Zoe took a deep breath in as the Glastonbury Tor (the sacred hill) stood there towering over us… we had arrived.

That evening we headed to the oldest pub in the village and poured ourselves a chalice of Red Wine, I heard stories and tales of the land ... but the one that stuck with me most was the stories of the Priestesses…They would travel from all over the country to Glastonbury Tor to perform rituals ~ the only route would of been by boat as the land was once covered by lakes. They would then follow the labyrinth up the Tor with flaming torches and lead a procession up the hill until they reached the top ~ in sacred honour they were then ready to perform the ritual, and unleash the magik … I couldn’t get the image out of my head so with that, at 11pm on that frosty Glastonbury evening, we ran out of the pub to go and see it for ourselves. The Tor was covered in sultry mist … but the energy was felt… in the morning we would begin the procession up.

Morning came, and another beautiful day was upon us… I rose eagerly waiting to climb the Tor and follow the footsteps of all those powerful , mystical women.

We began our ascent … and as we began to spiral up and up and up the Tor I felt the presence of the women before me, I felt their footsteps, their power, their magik . In silence we spiralled further and further up until we reached the top. We looked over the planes of this misty mystical land ~ the magik was alive.

Although I'm not Pagan and my roots and ancestry come with their own rich culture and tradition I felt the energy of these Pagan Women strongly ~ as they share the same energy as my Women ~ and Indian women ~ and Peruvian woman ~ and Native American women ~ and the Women of the world… although we take on different landscapes, traditions and rituals, our magik is the same… and to feel that magik is the catalyst to bring out that magik in me.

Feeling like I’d stepped into a fairy tale we spent the remainder of the trip walking through

forests, connecting to the water of the Chalice Well and White Spring, and meeting up with Witches over coffee. We swanned into crystal shops and flicked through the spell books in the second hand book store. We smelt herbs and infusions, drank wine and got merry … I connected back to a group of people who believe that nature is their temple, who believe that signs and messages are all around waiting for us to see them.

These are the people who believe in magik, the peaceful folk that don’t need to shout their beliefs , but instead live their beliefs. The people of Glastonbury, may you continue to shine your light and let the mists and rolling hills always steer you home. May you continue to infuse our country with all of your magik.

I set out on a SoulCation to learn that sometimes you don't need to travel very far to find exactly what your looking for.

We will be returning to Glastonbury in June for a SoulCation Retreat for the Summer Solstice, If any women are interested in joining please do let me know + join us in unleashing the magik.

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