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Working in A Goddess World

One of my main intentions in leaving my job last month was to make the transition from a Woman, Working in a Man’s world… to a Woman, working in a Goddess World.

What I mean by a Man’s World is based on my personal experience of having to work in a structure created by Men; with seemingly no acknowledgement of the difference between Men and Women , nor the acknowledgement of a Women's cycle.

Now I'm not sure about you ladies... But I’d find myself flowing through the month being super productive at times, and then unable to string a sentence together at others ~ and without an environment that nurtured and supported that it left me feeling frustrated, blocked and knowing I wasn’t reaching my full potential.

There is no one to blame for this, we are handed in life the the exact circumstances that we need in order to grow ~ and I felt this was my opportunity to rise... to make my own transformation, to begin the shift ... so that my daughters could effortlessly flow in a feminine working environment. This, I feel, our generation can truly alchemise.

As I began my first week as Goddess Employed, I was ready to ensure that I created my Feminine sphere, my Goddess World ~I believed that would be the catalyst for my Wellbeing, Happiness , Creativity and in turn the "success" of The Goddess Space. I was seeking to live in authenticity with my feminine cycle and prove that you can have it all ~ You can be a Woman working in a Goddess World.

So Monday arrived, and it began in absolute abundance. Everything I had been dreaming of was beginning to manifest in such effortless and magikal way, I spent my days floating from meeting to meeting, taking strolls through the park to gather my thought's and then returning back to my beautiful space to jot them down.

I let life take me places ~ and in doing so arrived at even more fruitful and magikal spaces than even my dreams could let me on to believe….I was in flow.

And then came Thursday! I woke up with a jolt, an overwhelming sense of fear washed over me ~ something in my mind had seemed to switch and it seemed to be propelling me to "get back to work"… following these commands I woke up at the crack of dawn and was upright in front of my computer by 8.30am sharp ~ In a frenzy I began writing myself lists of what needed to be done, deadlines, how to create more and more things to make everything make sense , profitable … I was opening tabs up every 15 minutes on my laptop "How to create a mail chimp newsletter/ how to integrate my blog with my website", Facebook ad’s boom boom boom more pop ups more pop ups more pop ups everything seemed urgent it had to be done now… and … you can guess what happened next … absolutely nothing.

That's right, I spent the entire day, and next few days for that matter, doing absolutely nothing ...but sit behind my pink computer, surrounded by my crystals , sipping on green tea, in my robe. It took me a few days to gain perspective on what was going on … I had transitioned once again to a Woman working in a Man’s world, albeit dressed up in a Goddess Space ;)

So what’s a girl to do? How can we make the shift and a live in honour with our feminine ways~ whilst still having a foundation that keeps us somewhat grounded.

I think it begins with re-defining what has been engrained into us:

  • Goals

  • Deadlines

  • Pressure

  • Quick Turnovers

  • Rushing

Not very Goddess Friendly now are they :)!

So instead I sought to find some new meanings and give myself a structure and foundation that could support me instead of restricting me.

And just like that wisdom began to arrive in the form of Wise Women all around me.

  1. The first a Real Earth Mama, who resides in the country and spends her days working in the land ~ She told me the key is to prioritise ~ In the morning spend 30 minutes writing down what the day needs of you ~ understand what needs to be done ~ leave everything else ~ and do those things ~ allow the rest of your day to just flow.

  2. The second, a Mystical Wise Woman ~ she told me do things in 3’s ~ that way you lace your priorities with Magik ~ as 3 is of course the most powerful, feminine and Magikal number

  3. She also told me, if your going to have a meeting you might as well make it somewhere Magikal! Starbuck's just will not do anymore!

  4. My Mamma always said ~ When in Doubt do nothing ~ that is your soul calling out to reconnect ~ so take a break, go out into nature . Listen to a song you love . Take some time and space for you and then return to the problem INSPIRED + RECONNECTED

  5. Make your work space Magikal, leave a crystal on your desk or write a mantra on a post it note ~ bring back the Feminine.

This is just the beginning... I will be sharing more tips as I learn how to journey into working in a Goddess World with you ..

Please remember, you don’t need to be self employed to implement these ~ you can be a Women working in a goddess world anywhere. Prioritising your day and then allowing the magik , the opportunities, the inspiration and the creativity to happen around you ~ as if you don’t create space for the Magik... it will never have room to find you.

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