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MAGIK ~ The Interview

Last Month, Jade Mordente from The Week interviewed The Goddess Space Founder, Anoushka.

What drew you towards the practise of Magik?

From a young age I had an ability to manifest things in my life ~ I didn't believe in coincidences, and would find myself giggling at life syncronicites. I was drawn to mystical things ~ whether it be clothes, jewels, stories or books and I would dive deeply into magikal worlds and live my life floating in them... I'm a Pisces I guess it's part of the DNA.

I knew there was something else at play, something bigger than me ~ something powerful that left trails within all of us...but it was only when I got introduced to Astrology + Magik + the Goddess by Soul Astrologer, Zoe Hind, that I began to understand how I could work with these energies and truly unleash the Magik.

Can you tell me what people can expect at a Moonlight Goddess Gathering?

The Moonlight Goddess Gathering is an Enchanting space in which women gather on a New Moon to inspire, share and support one another in uncovering and unleashing their magik. Each gathering takes on a different form depending on the Astrological sign we are in. We harness the energy of the particular sign, and in doing so release that which is not serving us and set new intentions for the coming month; creating the space within to truly let the magik unleash.

How could they expect feel afterwards?

Upon leaving, Women feel like the absolute magikal beings that they are. Having Released, Purified + Invoked ~ Having been supported by beautiful open women around them ~ Having connected back to their soul self and felt that voice within; They leave with not only a beautiful memory in their hearts, but a belief that they truly have the power to reach their highest self.

They say magik happens when 3 or more women gather … that’s the feeling summed up :)

How do you practise Magik in your day to day life?

I live my life in a very magikal way… as for me the alternative seems no fun! Transforming errands into rituals, and encounters into messages + signs. Whether that's showering and washing my hair to cleanse myself from the energies I may have picked up during the day or cooking dinner and sealing intentions into the recipes; I open my heart space to allow for magik to flow in, and keep my eyes and ears open to signs, and messages; knowing that truly there are no such thing as coincidences...Oh… and I pop a crystal in my bra every morning… that gives me extra Goddess Vibes!

How has the response been to your gatherings so far?

The response has been beautiful, we began in Scorpio 2015 and have since sold out every month. The gatherings have led me to understand how much Women are wanting that space and time to connect; to ultimately uncover and remind themselves of their power within.

Do you see a rise in girls taking an interested in Magik and alternative living practises? If so, why do you think this is?

I can only speak from my own journey, but it came from a dissatisfaction of how I was living my life, every thing I was being told that would make me happy seemed to be taking me further and further away from my happiness . It was only when I took the first step to truly hear myself did I release how far I had gone from myself.

Connecting back, listening to that voice within and learning to love yourself is the journey… and I don’t believe that can ever be accomplished by being told what will make you happy. You must give yourself the space, openness and time to figure it out for yourself.

That is our life’s work, as when we know what we have to give, only then can we truly contribute.

The Moonlight Goddess Gathering aims to offer women that environment ,whereby they can feel supported, inspired and empowered to dive deep within to find their treasure and share it with the world.

To reserve your spot for the upcoming Moonlight Goddess Gathering head here

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