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The Lost Generation

Last week, me and three other women gathered in a converted warehouse in the depths of Hackney Wick. The space was now a trendy Bar that sat on the edge of a canal attracting local hipsters. We sat listening to some chilled house music, as we sipped on Tequila and Ginger Ales laughing and giggling about the latest Tinder Stories and flicking through our iPhones.

Our light-hearted chats soon began to escalate and flow into deeper conversations and as soon as I knew it we were onto the dreaded 2016 debacles again. It’s still hard to get away from the conversation of 2016; Brexit + Trump became yet another headline act.

This is usually my cue to stay quiet, as I try not to absorb the negative energy ~ but as the evening went on the vibe had clearly shifted and fear of the future began to arise. The comments came flooding out from the girls "Will I ever afford to buy a House?”, “Trump is literally about to take over the world”, “We've got it so bad…we’ll never make as much money as our parents”,“ You do know they're calling us The Lost Generation”!

I stopped in my tracks… The Lost Generation?… WHAT. I had learnt to let the other jargon wash over me… but let’s backtrack just one second. The Lost Generation… wow, now that really hurt. It left me with an overwhelming sense of melancholy and I spent the remainder of the evening and the next week reflecting on it.

I’ve always had a positive outlook on life, believing that every experience has a message sewn in and we must perceive them as either gifts or lessons. So for me, I was finding it hard to understand how and why others weren’t able to see what was going on and the opportune time we are living in.

Now, you don’t have to be the Mystical owner of The Goddess Space ;) to read the messages in the every day, you just need to open your eyes to them. They say those who don’t believe in Magik will never find it ~ and I couldn’t agree more.

I believe that we all live in a cyclical world, and we are continuously cycling in and out of phases. This happens on a Micro level within you, and a Macro level within society as a whole. Generations also flow through these cycles ~ and when you resist the flow ~ when you try to control its direction ~ that’s when life stop’s making any sense, that's when we lose sight of our path, and that’s when we can't find the Magik.

In the Western World, generally speaking, the generation that came before us were pre-technology. They didn’t have computers to google things, have Netflix on demand or Uber drivers. They had to dial operators who would connect them with people overseas, they had to write letters and wait patiently to receive a response, they had to make a plan and have faith and trust that the other person would just turn up. They were living in a very different cycle, and that meant they had different opportunities, problems to overcome and experiences.

We can look at our parent's generation with rose-tinted glasses, complaining about our present …and then yes, you're absolutely right a Lost Generation we will become, or we can believe that we are flowing into the next cycle. When we move into a new cycle we will,naturally, have to let go of the old to make way for the new.

What I believe is not serving us:

  • Handing over our power to larger corporations or people

  • Disconnection with Ourselves, Nature and Animals

  • Defining success as how much money we have

  • Over Consumerism

  • Belief and Trust in the Media

What I believe are gifts to help us move forward:

  • Technology that gives us a voice that can be heard

  • The ability to connect with people instantly within our communities and all over the world

  • Access to all sorts of information at our fingertips

  • Cures for Illnesses to ensure we live longer and healthier lives

Our parent's generation has given us the gift of Connection.

So, instead of feeling helpless or despondent towards our future … lets’s realise that we’ve got some work to do!!

This in my eyes begins with shifting our perspective, accepting exactly where we are, no matter the circumstance, and choosing to rise up to it.

We must stop resisting the flow - as if not, the signs and messages of 2016 will just keep getting louder and louder. We are being called to change and as such, must see these experiences as instigators for this. We must let go and allow the next cycle to begin, believing that it is our responsibility to pave and light the way for the generations to come.

We must be the Shifters, the Movers and Shakers who transitioned our generation into a more connected generation; connecting back to nature, connecting back to ourselves, living more presently, consciously and reclaiming our power.

I want to be known as the generation who woke up, who changed the world, who celebrated and respected animals, nature and one another ~ realising that we are in fact all one. A generation who defined success as spreading kindness, Magik and love, who lived their lives with strong values of gratitude and honour; who understood that ten voices are louder than one, that experiences are more valuable than things and who chose to choose Love over Fear.

So I ask you… the next time you choose to talk on a Micro or Macro level with a lack of hope or despondency that you remember this is your opportunity to rise. This is your opportunity to be a revolutionary and lead yourself and others into the next cycle with courage.

I ask you the next time you’re about to let fear win that you use this as your opportunity to rise up, as when you rise up you send that strength to the next person, and in turn, they then choose to rise up too.

I refuse to allow us to get Lost, so instead propose that we all work together as ONE to ensure that we become and are remembered as The Generation Who Rose.

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