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The Magik of Water

"You submerge into the water to cleanse not knowing that by re-emerging you come out transformed"

(Pic via Pinterest)

I have always been drawn to bathing ~ Emerging into hot water after a long day was my retreat ~ the Bath Tub was my safe space, my enchanted space, where I could dream and get lost in worlds untold ~ knowing all I had to do was lie back and let the water hold me.

Little did I know my subconscious was at work and this love affair with bathing ran much deeper than mere quiet and relaxation time … in fact, any woman who loves bathing is actually connecting back to thousands of years of female rituals performed by undoubtedly all of our Wise Women ancestors.

This is a magical thought ~ as we subconsciously draw our baths after a long day at work ~ we are really reconnecting to the power of all the women that came before us.

We only have to look to the water Goddesses, Yemaja, The Lady of The Lake, Aphrodite to name but a few to begin to feel the Magik in the Water.

We only have to dive into our cultures a little further to see where our water rituals emerge from. In my Jewish culture we immerse ourselves into the Mikvah (A collection of water) to purify ourselves. These are specifically for Women only. (I urge you to discover where water was used in ritual in your culture).

We only have to connect back to understand the immense power of emerging into water and once we do we this we can allow for Bath time to become sacred time. Your very own water ritual, your safe space to bring out your inner wise woman + stir up some Magik.

So here’s some ideas on how to Brew Your Own Mystical Bath ~ You Magikal Women

Cleansing ~ Purifying ~ Invoking

The secret to Bath Brewing is in the preparation and just like any ritual, the first part is creating that sacred space.

W H A T Y O U ' L L N E E D

  • WATER ~ A Bath is ideal but a shower will do

  • SALT ~ Bath Salts to Cleanse + Purify You

  • FIRE ~ Light some tea lights or candles

  • SMOKE - Burn some Frankincense / Sage / Palo Santo and leave it burning

  • CRYSTAL ~ Bring in a Crystal to support you in your water journey ~ it may be rose quartz if you're focusing on Love or Citrine if you're looking for more abundance in your life… The Crystal will also act as a holder; sealing your intentions and your experience ~ so your ritual can live on

  • MUSIC ~ Play some soft music to aid you in awakening the rhythm of your cells

Once you have all your Magical Tools prepared and the room is set up, you may begin.


Leave your phone on airplane mode or outside the room and begin to consciously undress, taking off your layers one by one.

Standing at the edge of your bath place one foot in and then the other ~ feeling the water on your feet; then begin to emerge slowly into the waters until you are fully immersed.

Lie Back and close your eyes ~ allow the body of water to support you as you wash away your fears, soak in your intentions, as you allow the space in between to bring up any messages or guidance and as you allow yourself to be so effortlessly held by the dance of the waves

Just Float ~ Dream ~ Just Float ~ Dream

Everything else within you and around you will be doing the work ~ Let yourself be Still ~ Knowing that in the stillness the transformation can take place


Welcome to the World of Water Magik <3


I began making Magical Bath Salts to support me in my bathing rituals, but now I would love to offer them to you ladies helping you to unleash the wise women and magik within!

As sometimes finding the ingredients and time to bring it all together is tricky.

Soul Salts are custom blends ~ made bespokely for you depending on what you are wishing to wash away or manifest during bath time ~ You can also order them for your Soul Sisters giving them an extra thoughtful gift!

The Bath Blend will Include:

  • Organic Epsom + Himalayan Salts ~ To Cleanse + Purify You

  • A selected Essential Oil Blend ~ Based on Your intention ~ To welcome the medicine of the plant in to support you

  • A Crystal ~ To seal your intention into and to remind you of this after your bath

  • Packaged up in a Magical Jar

To order your own custom Soul Salts ~ Please head to and let me know your Soul Story ~ I will then create a bespoke batch just for you and your Bath <3

Lets UNLEASH the Magik Together


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