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Back Down to Earth

I’ve always been a head in the clouds kinda girl; The Day Dreamer ~ losing myself in the world of thoughts, escaping into fantasies, romanticising about life and excusing it with beliefs that it is just the feminine way.

When I embarked on my spiritual journey, I was taught how to journey even deeper within. This bought me incredible insight and allowed me to spend hours tapping into my more spiritual self; meditating, observing what was coming up, listening to what was calling me to release or surrender and watching as my dreams and ideas manifested.

I felt like a truly magikal being; the ones they spoke about in the books I read... but somewhere along the way I started to get lost and I couldn’t understand it.

I began to feel imbalanced; living too much in my inner world, I was losing my ability to show up in this one.

The realisation came over time and in the form of messages; from people I loved feeling neglected or disconnected, from books I had read that went against my definition of the feminine, from things I would do carelessly such as crossing roads without looking. It spiralled to such an extent that I recently spilt an entire green juice down my bright white jumper, truly oblivious to what had happened until a woman literally had to walk over to me “Sweetie, I think you’ve spilled your juice down your top”... now that was a Goddess low point.

The messages took a while to sink in, and even longer to change the belief that the once "whimsical, magikal airy fairy woman" was actually... not serving me anymore.

Now, I’m far from disregarding the power we have as women to connect so deeply within or the power we have to dream and manifest. Rather I’m encouraging us to be confident knowing that this is our innate gift and inherent within us.

We don’t need to spend our lives searching for it and connecting to it, rather, we should be spending our lives bringing our magik, our spiritual connection, our divine femininity, our female powers BACK DOWN TO EARTH. The world truly needs it.

Once I began to accept this, I started finding messages hidden everywhere that led me back to this point. Starting with the obvious Feminine connection with nature. There is no coincidence we call the earth "Mother Earth” or that our cycles align with that of the moons. There is no coincidence that we are the gender chosen to create life, that we hold new life within us and become the portal for them. There is no coincidence that we create food to nourish and then evolve into the nourishers ourselves.

We are constantly being reminded as women of our intimate connection with nature, of our oneness with the earth and how we must like nature, effortlessly share our gifts with the world.

So how does a Modern day Magikal Lady bring her powers Back Down to Earth:

  • Create moments of Time + Space to go within ~ Honour that space ~ but don’t feel the need to stay there too long

  • Remember it's all Phases ~ Look to nature to remind you that we are constantly changing ~ so surrender to the cycle and find the wisdom and message within every stage

  • Always sprinkle the Essence of you ~ wether thats in making dinner, doing chores, taking the tube, waiting in the queue at the post office ~ Our magik is needed most in the mundane of moments

  • Connect to nature when you feel Lost ~ You'll find your centre there and your way back home

  • Stay Hydrated, Eat Soul Food and Practice self care

  • Be Grateful ~ Remind yourself of all the gifts you have and all the beauty in your life

  • Nourish + Support Others ~ Because in the end, as The Beatles so eloquently sang "The love you get is equal to the love you give" So share your all with others, be the catalyst in bringing back that feeling of oneness

  • Be Mindful and Present ~ do things slowly with intention ~ and when you feel you've floated up somewhere else ... connect back to your breath it will always be there to guide you

  • Gather with Women ~ Support, Inspire + Empower each other, as naturally, our power is enhanced when Fused

If we can begin to bring our magik back down to earth, then we truly embody the feminine and all that we were meant to be. We transform fully into the heroines in the books we read; the ones with the magikal powers. We transform into the women we vision in our minds; the ones we see in our dreams. We transform into the Wise Women; the ones who know the depth of their power and choose to share it with the world.

So here I am the "once upon a day dreamer" calling us to come Back down to Earth ... and what a truly enchanted place it is to be.

To join us in coming together and unleashing our magik within ~ check out all are Enchanting Gatherings in London here

Until then,

Goddess Vibes

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