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The Meaning Behind Dreaming

I have always been drawn to the mysticism of dreaming. I have always known they run deeper than just non sensical stories... like everything in life they hold meaning, intention and great wisdom.

To find the meaning behind our that is power, that is connection to the unseen, unknown and unheard. That is our soul in conversation ... and that it is where messages and guidance can be truly revealed; untouched by the physical its purest state.

Anyone can read their dreams... I have not studied with a dream master, nor learnt the scientific practices and teaching of dreams, I just had an intention... to hear my dreams, to see my dreams and most importantly to understand my dreams.

For the past few months, I have been using a dream journal, I keep it next to my bed. When I wake up I write down every detaill I can remember ... (no matter how confusing and weird they may seem ) and most importantly ... I write down exactly how I feel upon waking.

I believe that once we start creating this energy exchange with our dreams... we instinctively signal to our subconscious that we are ready to receive its messages, its guidance. In doing this ... we create the opportunity for the wisdom to slowly begin to reveal itself, we begin to effortlessly put the pieces of the puzzle together and allow for the dream that once was confusing to make perfect sense.

I wanted to share with you a dream I dreamt last night... and the message that I believe was being sent to me.

I dreamt I walked into my brothers house and he was sitting in total darkness. I felt an energy in the room, and was sure something terrible was going on but I couldn't see anything . Slowly a glowing light appeared and began to uncover the scene … to my absolute despair and horror I realised he was murdering people. He had collected people, and was cutting up their bodies and burning them. ( I know very intense)!!

I became very afraid, and suddenly very untrusting of the person I called brother… from the initial fear arose an impulse to try to understand it. It was irrational, illogical, totally mad, totally crazy but it was happening right there in front of me. I began trying to speak to him, trying to understand why he was doing this, what was compelling him and what was going on ? ~ he gave me no response and just continued.

All of a sudden a little boy emerged from the cupboard and I realised he was his next victim. I got angry, I got furious I began screaming so loudly, stamping my feet trying desperately to stop him … In this act of rage, shame and total fury... a woman appeared... she did not need to say anything she just floated in, laid down beside the little boy and held him.

I looked at her and took her in... my screams all of a sudden quietened, my mind stopped, and I surrendered… I laid down and joined her, curling up next to the little boy holding him, stroking him, nurturing him.

I woke up from this dream with a deep sense of knowing … it took a few hours to unveil the message but it was hiding within me, and finally it emerged.

My brother was symbolising the world we live in ... a world that has unconsciously contributed to the illogical destruction of ourselves,one another and of our planet. Most of us aren't even aware of the destruction going on right before our eyes, we can't even see the harm we are doing and the harm we are creating for our children to come.

When I saw this horror, I reacted with fear first, then the fear turned to trying to understand it which then turned to anger and rage. All of these reactions got no response from my brother ~ I realised these are not the catalysts to change.

The response that was received happened only when a woman stepped into the scene; a gentle and soft woman who did not need to say one word, rather in her actions of laying down and comforting the child, spoke louder than anyone. As soon as I joined her, I realised I had been spending my energy in the wrong place all along... and the dream softly came to an end.

The dream shone a light on our power as Women. Not only our power, but our contribution as Women and our responsibility as women to heal this world.

We cannot heal the world through fear, rationalising or anger... we heal it it by lying down next to it and by being so unapologetically ourselves. We heal it by living our truth, by doing things our way; the things that come most naturally to us without second guessing them. We heal the world by trusting and listening to ourselves ~ we heal the world with the power that lives within us, the power of intuition, the power of wisdom .... the power of the feminine. Every time we do this ... we will light the way.

Through dreams we uncover beautiful and magical messages, things we need to hear and things we need to share. I invite you to join me in uncovering your wisdom through dreaming, start a dream journal! And begin to see how magical life is; that it hides its messages in the most beautiful of places... right within you.

To connect with me and Join one of the beautiful Goddess Gatherings follow me on Instagram @thegoddessspace or check out our upcoming gatherings

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