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How to be a Goddess at Work

When I left my job at the beginning of the year, one of my main intentions was to make the transition from a Woman Working in a Man’s world… to a Woman,working in a Goddess World.

What I mean by a Man’s World is based on a couple of things.

In the UK, Women were introduced into the workforce during the War, they were expected to slot into the roles created for Men whilst they were away. When the Men returned home, Women wanted to hold onto their new found roles in the workplace and as such many Women felt a need to prove their worth. This seemed to result in, through no fault of their own, an unconscious suppression of the Feminine, an unconscious suppression of their voice within.

Women began to learn and absorb the skills of Men in the workplace; adopting their strategies, goals, targets, following deadlines + quick turnovers. Women started dressing like Men; mimicking their attire. They began picking up hunting + gathering techniques; ensuring they were keeping up at all costs… as heaven forbid they were to be seen as incapable or weak.

Goddess vibes written all over this right?

Women learnt the art of competition; the Masculine warrior mentality. They began competing against their opponents, and who were their opponents? The Women beside them.

A stream of jealousy, comparison & competition emerged in the workplace. Women, instead of working together, began working against each other and the ancient trust of the Sisterhood began to break.

This went on for many years, Women became conditioned into believing this was the only way... and got lost, believing the road to success was paved on a Masculine Highway.

Like the Women who came before me, I too was blindly driving down the wrong road.

I too, ignored my voice.

The voice that whispered to me at certain times of the month "I’m tired, I need to rest"

The voice that said "I feel trapped in this room with these bright white lights, I can't breathe"

The voice that said "I don’t want to eat my lunch at my desk staring at a computer screen, I don't want to feel under pressure to prove my hours"

The voice that said "I don't have time for me. I don't have time to see my friends, my family, or do the things I love"

The voice that said "Is this your life’s work? Is this what you want to leave the world having committed to every day? Is this making you happy"

We have all, through no fault of their own, been driving down this road blindly… that is until now.

There is a rise happening and I know you all feel it!

Our voice is waking up and it’s calling out for a change, it’s calling out for a change in direction, it’s calling out for a return to the Feminine, it's calling out to breakdown old constructs that aren’t serving us anymore. It’s calling out for us to listen to what we truly want. … It’s calling us back home.

So, what was my voice calling out for?

  • Freedom to express myself.

  • Rest during my time of the month.

  • Organic and gentle ways of selling an idea.

  • Trust in the people around me.

  • Faith that you will be provided for.

  • Human real interaction + connection.

  • Courage to tell my boss when I needed time to reflect.

  • Strength to say, that sitting in front of a screen pretending to work whilst really reading my astrological chart, was not really the best use of my time.

  • Alternatives to this mundane existence I was living.

  • Walks in nature.

  • Time, to avoid rush hour and feel mindful instead of panicked.

  • Honour, to honour my rhythms, my cycles, my flow.

These voices are your Feminine.

The voice that is trying desperately to awaken you to the idea that it doesn’t have to be this way.

This is your divine Feminine self who has been ignored for far too long due to a false belief that you need to "earn" your place in this Masculine world .

Well let me tell you one thing Girls…. We don't just deserve to be in the workplace but we deserve to be in the workplace on our terms, and as such need to create the change for ourselves!

So how can we begin:

  • We must first listen, listen to that quiet voice, listen to what she’s calling out for … hear her needs, her wants.

  • We must have the courage to act on them. The courage to honour ourselves, to stand up for what we believe to be true and respectfully communicate our needs and wants in our work environment.

  • We must have faith that our heart and that quiet voice knows exactly how to look after us. For those who have followed the words of that voice before, you'll know that it never steers you wrong, and always takes you back to the place you are meant to be.

I’m not saying this will be easy, it’s a challenge to undo all the conditioning we have layered upon ourselves. But I invite you to step up to the challenge, because remember when you rise for you, you rise for she.

Having been journeying through this challenge myself, I thought I'd share with you my biggest secret in truly making the transition...

The support of Women.

I have been lucky enough to be surrounded and supported by like minded Women who are also on this journey and path. Women who have shared their experiences, wisdom + tips with me. Women who have supported and encouraged me.

This is truly the way of the Feminine… and what a far cry that is from resenting the Woman sat next to you who just got a raise.

Whether you’re self employed, working for a big corporate company or you're your own Boss Chick… we all need to support one another in bringing the Goddess to work with us.

I want to come together with like minded Women in magikal spaces and share the struggles of a work/life balance, share the struggles of living in authenticity to our needs, share the struggles of the unfortunate comparison to others... and work together to transform these into change.

As such, I have created The Goddess Co-Working Club

Once or twice a month we will gather in an Enchanted space + invite a Woman, with a learned skill, to share her wisdom and journey with us.

From How to Avoid Burn Out in the Workplace, to How to align your work with the Moon Cycles, to How to Use Instagram from your Heart & Soul rather than your ego !

We will gather to support one another, to empower one another and to inspire one another.

We don’t need to be alone in this.

We must not be afraid to speak our truth in the fear that we will be seen as less than equal to Men, because the truth is.. we‘ve never been equal, and we will never be equal.

We are different, and that's exactly what the World needs.

It is in our differences that we create balance and harmony, it is in our differences that we can live authentically and it is in our difference that we can truly shine.

Let’s do this Girls!

Let’s make this change. Let's bring the Goddess to work… and most importantly let’s collaborate with the amazingly magikal women around us to make this happen!

The Goddess Co-Working Club will launch this month, supported by the magikal enery of Cancer.

Join us at our upcoming Gatherings:

July 11th ~ 7.15pm ~ How to Avoid Burn Out in the Workplace

July 18th ~ 7.15pm ~ How to align your Business with the Moon Cycles

July 25th ~ 7.15pm ~ How to Use Instagram from your Heart & Soul

I look forward to unleashing the Magik with you <3

Until then,

Goddess Vibes

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