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A Magikal Full Moon Tale

As I lay under the Full Moon in a bath filled with dried rose petals, crystals and carefully selected essential oils ~ I allowed the ripples of the water to wash over me; I Surrendered.

Naked, lying bare.

Moments before I drew a Goddess Card and received Sedna ~ she came to me in the form of a Crone, under water; immersed in the deep blue sea and surrounded by sea mammals ~ the only light coming her way was the reflection of the sky that dappled on top of the water, she peered up in search of the light.

So like Sedna, I lay immersed in water staring up at the Full Moon searching and seeking for the light. As I rocked with the rhythm of the waves; trying my hardest to not succumb to mindless chatter ~ a feeling washed over me and somewhere within the stillness, a word floated up from what felt like the depths of the Magikal Bath I brewed.

Worthy? You are Worthy.

I allowed the words to just stay there... living with me amongst the water. I rocked back and forth as the words played out until...

I slowly and softly journeyed backwards.

Six months ago to the day I launched The Goddess Space. As I began to reflect on where I've come from in the past Six months; the challenges I've faced, the mountains I've climbed, the Magik I've made... this word started to make more and more sense.

Why do I still doubt myself? I still doubt my worth. More than that, every time I allow this lack of worth to wash over me ~ it chips away at my dreams; like an avalanche wave hitting a rock.

Floating ~ I allowed all of this to just be there. The theme of this Full Moon Eclipse was Surrender, so I lay floating amidst the current of worthiness.

Moments later, another feeling washed over me.

But what if I was worthy, what if I knew my worth? What if I believed consistently in my worth?

This feeling rose like Magik in my veins, my cells began to pulse and it felt like stardust was alive within me.

I didn't know how I was going to adopt this new belief system, all I knew was that whilst lying in this Magikal ritual bath, the same force that brought the word up from the depths of the water was the same force that was going to support me in carrying it through...

Sometimes we don't need to know how we're going to do it, rather, we just need to know that we will.

I am Worthy and I'm ready to step forth on this journey ahead.

If your still feeling into the Full Moon Vibes and are seeking some Support there are a couple spots let for tonights Secret Sharing Circle in Little Venice Book Here.

Or alternatively, Join me for a Magikal 1:1 Session... sometimes all we really need is an Enchanting space to share.

Until next time,

Goddess Vibes

Picture of Bath by @mamamedicine

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