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How to Create your Own Sacred Space

I've been creating Sacred Spaces my entire life... but that’s probably because I was brought up in one.

A Magikal chocolate brown house covered in hanging green ivy. Whimsical trees framed the path that led you up to the front door ... but you could the smell the Magik from down the road.

Upon entering you were welcomed by wafts of exotic incense and became instantly aware that you had been transported into an enchanted world ... One of Truth, Courage and Vision. Everywhere you turned were manifestations of the Artist at work; from exotic textures, to mirrored balls, dimmed lighting, towering hanging green plants, soft feminine music and glistening colours.

The space was a true self expression of my Mother. She would change the house around as quick as the wind blew, it was her process. Every day, every week, something had moved. Something was different. Her home was her canvas, and we lived within her Art...within her Sacred Space.


My Mother is an interior designer, and has spent her life committed to creating Magikal Homes for herself and for other people. I used to watch her in awe and amazement as she channelled her visions down and manifested them into rooms, gardens, cottages, boats, town houses and mansions the list goes on. She would have the same process for each client, gathering materials, scouring vintage markets, visioning, visioning, visioning... ensuring that each home became a Magikal haven.

She defined what a home was to me, a home was your inner most sacred space. A space to fearlessly express yourself, a space to exist. Your safe hideaway from the world. A place to nourish yourself, to inspire yourself, a place to step away from the world and just be.

As I grew up and embarked upon my own spiritual journey I began to understand the deeper and more spiritual significance of the home. Home became a symbol for both the home you live in within the exterior world, but also the home for your interior world.

A home was both your inner and outer safe space; a place for you to fearlessly be, to journey within, to feel safe, to connect with your light and your dark, to feel held, to feel magikal and explore the inner realms.

Its funny, because as a child I never wanted to be an interior designer. However, when I launched, The Goddess Space I realised that's exactly what I've become.

I create Magikal experiences for Women to step into an enchanted world and hold space for them as they journey within.

I evolved through my mother into, not creating spaces for people's exterior homes, but creating spaces for people's interior homes.

I have been passed down the tools to create these spaces through my female line... so, today I wanted to share some tips with you in the hope that you can find the time and space to create your very own Sacred Space.

Sacred space, is all about creating a Magikal space for yourself to just be.

Whether its a day, an evening, an hour, 10 minutes...

The truth is, we all know how to create sacred spaces, we do it when we run ourselves a bath and light some candles. We do it when we throw parties or dinners for our friends and family. We do it when we play our favourite music whilst getting dressed in the morning.

Creating sacred space is a Ritual, we must approach everything with intention and mindfulness.

Women instinctively hold the power to create sacred space, as we intrinsically know the importance of home; the importance of a safe space for growth, nurturing and nourishment.

So here are a few tips on how to create a sacred space for yourself.

Firstly decide what your going to create as sacred space for:

  • To Manifest Something

  • To Release Something

  • For a night of Self Love + Care

  • Rituals (New Moon - Full Moon - Dark Moon)

  • Journalling

  • Celebrations with friends and family

Set a Date:

Take a look at your calendar, and find a day and time where you can create a sacred space

Find a Magikal date perhaps when there is a:

  • New Moon ( to set new intentions )

  • Full Moon ( to celebrate and reflect with gratitude )

  • Dark Moon ( to release)

  • Anniversary / Birthday etc.

Commit and write the date in your diary.

By doing this you have already begun to set the Magik into motion.

Decide where your going to hold space?

Not everyone has the luxury of a lot of private space, so by thinking in advance of a space that you can be by yourself in, it will support your intention for creating sacred space

Here are some ideas:

  • In your home

  • Bedroom

  • In the (Shower or Bath)

  • Immersed in Nature ; Beach, Forest, Garden, Park, Woodland, Mountains

Set an Intention:

All this work you have done in preparation for this time is not only logistically helpful, but it sets the energy into motion for the sacredness of the journey your about to embark on.

Before you begin setting up... take a moment to tune into your intention for this experience.

How do you want to feel during and after the experience?

Write it down.

This will make the experience more intentional,and thus have more meaning for you.

Setting up on the day:

Ensure you have enough time to set up the space...

It doesn’t need to be more than 5 or 10 mins (if your pushed for time) but commit to giving yourself time to create the sacred space, as by doing this you again, you set the energy into motion and signal that you are stepping outside of your routine life to commit to something meaningful and important.

As you begin to create the sacred space bring your intention into your minds eye, and allow it to be the driving force for you during this time.

Cleansing the space:

At some point you'll want to purchase a smudge stick or palo santo stick, I use them to cleanse the space first... ensuring that the energy is cleared from anything or anyone, including myself, who may have carried some negative energy into the space.

I light the smudge stick, and take a feather brushing the smoke around the room starting from east to west; whilst whispering

“Please release that which is not mine”

By cleansing the space you create a neutral ground on which to begin and you also send a signal through the smoke that something Magikal is about to take place.

Having said that, once when creating an impromptu sacred space for my Mother at her house... I left my smudge stick at home ... so we reverted to using an expensive perfume to cleanse the space with (it was agent provocateur ) Hahaha. I'll never forget spritzing the perfume as I took a feather and wafted it around the sacred space we were creating.

Intention truly is everything, so don't get too attached to these tools if you don't have the right ones to begin with.

Decorating your Sacred Space

Ensure you decorate your space in a mindful way, and that everything you include in your space has a reason for being there... whether your intuitively called to bring it forth or it has specific symbolism for you.

When decorating my sacred space, I use what I have. Improvising is our most intuitive and creative tool ~ as it leads us within ourselves rather than outside ourselves. There is something so Magikal and creative about working with what you have, it allows the Magik of the belongings you own to unveil itself... and after the experience, it will hold so much more meaning than ever before.

So, focus on what you have to begin with unless you feel called to buy something special in the lead up.

When I look for objects to decorate my space with I tend to connect to the four elements Earth, Air, Fire + Water for inspiration!

Here are some examples of how you can bring the 4 Elements into your sacred space:


Fire for me is very important, so I always ensure some kind of fire or light is flickering during the evening.

I usually place a candle next to me and light it just before I'm about to begin to signal the experience has begun.

Here are a few other ways you can work with fire or light... remember choose intuitively what feels right for you at the time:

  • Candles

  • Fairy lights

  • Hold space under the sunlight

  • Hold space under the light of the moon

  • Dim your lights

  • Total Darkness

Air / Smell

Start tuning into different smells, whether its incense, frankincense, scented candles etc.

Smells stimulate the senses and often create a feel that you are removed from your daily routine.

What smells are you being called to bring in?


Do you have any plants in your home? Any flowers you connect with? Any herbs in your fridge or pantry?

Perhaps you can bring them into your sacred space and let them support you in unleashing your Magik. Plants have very Magikal properties and can act as guides for you during your experiences.

Crystals - If you have crystals at home then you can bring them into your sacred space also.

Use your intuition as a guide or select one's with meaning if you know their Magikal properties.


Water can sometimes be a tricky one to bring in.

Obviously if your creating a sacred space in the bath or shower... then you have that covered!

Water holds our emotions… so having some water around you will be energetically supportive.

This could even mean:

  • Having a glass of water that you infuse next to you

  • Cleanse something in water like a crystal

  • Wash your hands before or after

  • Bless a jug of water for your friends and family.

  • Float a candle in a bowl of water.

  • Maybe you can include water in your ritual, you can wash away your fears, or find messages in the reflections of the water if in nature

Here are just a few ways you can begin to create a sacred space for yourself!!

The truth remains, a sacred space is created by the energy you put into it not the tools and Magikal objects you have, you can create a sacred space anywhere at any time...As that sacred space lies within you.

However, these are some practical tools and tips that have really supported me in creating Magikal spaces for myself and the Women I work with.

Good luck creating your Magikal sacred spaces … trust you intuition, let your soul guide you and have fun!

Send me some snaps of your scared spaces or tag us in them @thegoddessspace

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It's time to Unleash the Magik within Ladies... Its's time to step up into your sacred space.

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