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Do you believe in Magik?

When was the last time you allowed yourself to believe in Magik?

Magik is usually a word we think of when we nostalgically connect back to our childhoods, to far away lands, potions, wicked witches, happily ever afters, princes on white horses and fairy godmothers. Magik is a belief, a belief that the impossible is possible, a belief that that which you desire, that which you dream, can come true.

As children we believed in fairytales, we believed in things not because we saw them, rather because we felt them. We played make believe, we used our imagination, we so effortlessly travelled to worlds, states of mind and consciousnesses beyond this physical plane. As children we were Magicians. Perhaps, upon reflection as a child you’re more connected to that which created you, therefore the belief within you is much stronger, it hasn't been questioned or disrupted it remains a pure and innate knowing.

Most of us will never forget the time we stopped believing in Magik. For some they found out the tooth fairy wasn't real, for others they got told Santa Clause didn't exist. For me it was being told to grow up, because as you move through school there is simply no time for Magik. Life quickly evolved and became all about thinking logically, achieving, pursuing goals and fitting in.

We entered a world that had no time for Magik. Do you remember when you stopped believing?

I went through my teens and early 20’s desperately insecure, at a dis-ease with myself, uncomfortable in my own skin, seeking approval from others as validation that I was good enough; constantly being compared to my peers, been pushed into boxes so that I was easier to label.

. Girl . Sensitive . Chubby . Not good at Maths . Bad spelling + grammar . Jewish . Extrovert . Noisy . Naughty . Achieves when she puts her mind to it . Easily distracted . Bubbly

I might as well have had these stitched onto my school uniform, because these were the labels being place on me.

Well upon my reflection, my 6 year old self would of told them straight up -

"What do you mean? She's a Magikal princess fighting dragons in a castle in the ice cold mountains! and the next day she's playing house as she cooks dinner for her new dolly and puts her to sleep and the next day she's in goal fighting the balls as her brothers kick them towards her...

Can't you see?

She is everything, she is nothing."

I began to wonder what happened to that girl, the girl who knew who she was, the girl who was a full expression of herself, the one who would laugh, play, feel, live life to the fullest , dance to the rhythms ... the girl who believed in make believe.

They say the older you get the more you find yourself, I would say the opposite. The older you get the more work you have to do undoing what you lost. When I was 23 years old, living in a sea of insecurities, journeying from one distraction to the next … I hit a wall. I remember looking at myself in the mirror and truly not knowing who was being reflected on the other side. Years of suppressed emotions and needs not met had risen to the surface and before me lay a Woman with no name.

Taking a step back, I had no choice but to put down my sword and return inwards. It was the first time in, I don't know how many years, that I allowed myself to connect within. The inner girl was in there yet bruised and buried under piles and piles of crap that I soon realised was my mission to clean up. I had polluted myself, betrayed myself and before me lay a deep journey within removing the blocks that separated me and her; that separated me from my Magik .

As the time went on and the path began to clear, space became available for her to rise up within, and with that, nostalgic and almost deja vu feelings began to emerge into the space in between.

Sprinkles of Magik began to return, syncronicities popped up around every corner. My dreams were becoming realities, the visions in my head began manifesting, special people started entering my life and the ones that needed to go... left . It all started unfolding effortlessly.

I believed again, and the universe responded.

When you take the time to connect within, to listen to your soul’s calling and start conversations with your inner self the only thing you can use to describe the outcome is Magik.

Once we start understanding that the Magik lies within, we can see that how we acted as children was a true and authentic expression of that which we knew.

Once we start understanding the Magik lies within, we can start seeing fairytales for what they are.... allegories. Characters taking the forms of archetypes ... As don't we all have a wicked witch, fairy godmother, and prince charming within us?

If we can learn anything from our childhoods it is that we were all trying to reach our happily ever after, aligning our actions, needs and wants with that which serves and fulfils us.

It is my belief and innate knowing, that our life purpose is to rise into our most Magikal selves; our highest selves. It is my belief that all the challenges, obstacles and blocks in our way are opportunities given to us as a trick... to challenge that belief. To see if we have the strength, courage and faith amidst all the bad stuff, the illusions, the distractions in our life to still keep rising, to keep knowing that if we just persevere, if we just ride through it... deep wisdom, messages and light will lie on the other side.

Magik holds the key to our journey.

We have to believe it in order to see it. We have to surrender to the illogical, rational concept of seeing is believing, because truly believing is seeing. They say those who don't believe in Magik will never find it. So my question to you is....

Are you ready to step into your magik? Are you ready to believe again?

Last month I decided I wanted to find an outlet to share my tools, practices and experiences with you on how to step into your Magik ~ as such I created The Most Magikal You! an empowering 8 week online guided course connecting you back to your heart space, supporting you in finding your Magik and giving you the confidence to rise into it.

There is only 1week left to register for The Most Magikal You! We will begin the course on September 24th, only a few spots remain!

This course will consist of weekly 1:1 calls with me, step by step practices, meditations, amazing tools and beautiful lessons guiding you to become aware of that which is not serving you, and give you the support, confidence and skills to step into The most Magikal you! To register please do so here!!

Until next time,

Goddess Vibes

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Email for more Info here

P.S - Happy birthday to my MAMA! <3 <3 Thank you for teaching me how to see it!

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