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Who am I? The Journey to unravelling...

Defining what you do and who you are has always felt like a daunting challenge. Summing up your life's work, your souls purpose, your passion in a sentence is no easy task.

Over the past few months as The Goddess Space has grown, I've been asked to define it, to define myself. Who am I? What do I do? What do I believe in? Having spent time trying to find the perfect words to weave together that may echo a semblance of what I'm trying to create I was finding it was causing more stress than anything.

As I dove deeper with these feelings, I began to tune into why they were causing this reaction... for remember, everything is so much deeper than what we initially perceive it to be.

I soon began to realise that the problem lay in how I was approaching the question. You see, these kinds of questions bring up all sorts of hidden wounds. It's the questions that calls us to question our truth and if we are defining our truth based upon fears, stories or limited beliefs then we are going to feel lost for words, literally.

So, what is our truth?

Well, the only way to answer that is by looking into this present moment. For that is the only truth we can be certain of.

I soon realised I was finding the question so challenging because I wasn't looking in this moment for the answer. For the Wise Woman knows that we are forever changing, ebbing and flowing, growing and transforming…So rather the question to answer is:

"Who am I right now? And what am I in the midst of creating?"

As I began to explore the answer,I journeyed back to all that has been and to all that has brought me to right here...

Join me as I journey to uncover who I am right now and what I'm trying to create.

So here goes...

I began my spiritual quest 4 years ago. It began with a calling, which started out as a gentle whisper within. It was a voice that every time I ignored would get louder and louder, it was the voice wanting to lead me home.

When you first get that call within of something telling you its not quite right, it can feel scary. For the first few months I remember ignoring the voice. I was to afraid to take listen, to take that step, I was to afraid of the unknown. A scared little girl that thought it was safer to be trapped in familiarity then conjure up the courage to explore what lay ahead.

This was until I got to the point of no return. It was the Winter of 2013 I followed a call to go to Africa and climb Mt.Kilimanjaro, unbeknown to me why I was being led there, I climbed the mountain step by step learning from the guide that all it takes is one step at a time. Eight days later after the longest and most challenging climb of all, watching as the night sky turned to dawn, and as the dawn turned to sun-break I had arrived at the top of the mountain. My feet rooted into the core of Mother Earth whilst my head soared above the clouds connected to Grandfather Sky… as I closed my eyes, feeling the cold wind caress my face the voice was no longer calling out to me, for I was listening and just like that everything changed.

As we made our descent down the mountain I knew the real journey was just about to begin, and right there everything was about to change as I was taking the first steps on the journey of a lifetime.

After I returned home, I broke away from all that was calling me to be released and as I'd suspected with that, I ventured into the dark. Letting go of all the things you've spent your life holding onto will naturally cause this reaction. However, I chose this, and something in that gave me comfort. Although I was in the dark and at times finding it hard to see through, the voice was always there ...supporting me and whispering "just surrender".

When you allow yourself to surrender to the present moment you bring forth the powerful energy of belief and faith and when that is activated within you something amazing starts to happen. The darkness begins to subside, and a crack begins to break open, all of a sudden light slowly starts pouring through until you find yourself fully immersed in bright white light... its shining all over you. You've emerged... reborn, more powerful, brighter and beautiful than ever before.

The Wise Woman begins to learn that pain and darkness although real, are only transient. They transport us through the portal...the portal that leads to our truth, to our light,to our peace. The darkness and pain allow us to release the smoke, the pain, toxicity we’ve been harbouring within us and when you understand this, suddenly you realise how fundamental this part of the journey is.

Our journeys are filled with obstacles, challenges, darkness and light. Everyone thats taken the step will tell you this. This story is written everywhere, the messages are hidden in songs, history books, myths, legends and fairytales. The journey inwards, the journey to defeat the monsters in order to find your happily ever after.

What I want to share from my journey is the wisdom I've acquired, the Magik that I've seen and the experiences I've had.

When you embark on this journey things start coming towards you, things you need to support you on your quest. For me it was Women. Women began appearing, Women of all ages showed up to walk beside me, to teach me, challenge me, to inspire me and empower me. And as I sit here writing this in my present moment ...

I seek to create the same for other Women.

I seek to stand in my power so I can empower.

I've learnt that that no-one can walk the path for you, but they can stand beside you.

I've learnt that we can be mirrors for one another.

I can help you see through the dark when you can't find your way.

I can help you see your power when you think you've lost all strength.

I can help you keep going when all you want to do is give up.

I can help you find your Magik when you stop believing.

As I live this truth, I create from it.

And just like Magik the words jumbled together creating the most perfect definition for right now.

So what is the Goddess Space ?

A Sacred Space for Women to reconnect back to their truth.

A physical and digital space for Women to feel heard, to feel supported, to feel inspired.

A Magikal space for Women to remember who they really are.

And Who Am I ?

Well, I’m a Anoushka Florence and I'm just a Woman rising into that too. I'm choosing to step into my power so I can serve and be the mirror for all those who need their truth reflected back to them.

As your reading, Do you know who you are? In this present moment who are you and what do you do?

I send out the call and await you. I await to walk beside you, to journey with you, to reawaken and help you remember who you truly are.

Currently my offerings include:

An 8 week Online Mentoring Course to "Become the Most Magikal You"

Private 1:1 Goddess sessions

Weekly Goddess Gatherings

Are you ready for the journey?

When your ready I am here,

Until then,

Goddess Vibes

Photograph taken by : Ingrid

Crystals Lent to me by :

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