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A New Year... A New Way of thinking

As the year draws to an end, I decided to take some time tor reflect on how it began, where I was, what has changed, what I’ve learnt, and where I am now.

In this moment of reflection... True wisdom, clarity and insights emerged and with that, the greatest lesson of the year revelead itself to me. I words spoke ... 

"It is not the things in our lives that need to change, rather it is our state of mind."

Many of us face the battle within of not feeling good enough. Feelings of diissapointment, anxiety and fears arise when the lives we lead don't match the dreams we've visioned. When our reality is in conflict with what we truly desire.

The truth is for most of us, when the things we believed would happen didn’t quite work out in the way we thought they would, we habitually seek to either try and change the present or end up resenting it… Thoughts take up our time as we spiral from one story to the next  

  • “When things are different I’ll happy”

  • "When they're proud of me and acknowledge me I’ll feel accepted”  

  • “ When I hit my 10K followers on Instagram I’ll feel worthy"

  • “When he commits to me I’ll feel safe”

  • “ When I get promoted I’ll feel accomplishment”

  • " If I had what they had I’d be happy” 

  • “ If I could only travel and go on holiday Id’ feel satisfied and relaxed”  

  • “ When I look like that I’ll be loved”  

  • “ If I had more time I’d feel free” 

  • " If I had more money I'd feel at ease"

Have a think about what the desire for all these things lead us to… ironically not the thing at all but the state of mind, the feeling, the feeling of worthiness, the feeling of peace, security , happiness, freedom. 

Something magical begins to happen when we switch our awareness to this new way of thinking... when we recognise that all we are seeking is a feeling, rather than a thing. 

The truth is, all that we are seeking lies within us already; our happiness, our peace, our love, our self worth. When we know this then we can release any pressure on the outside world to give it to us, for we don’t need anyone or anything to receive.

So if it lies within, how do we find it?

Well we have to uncover it. For our truth, happiness, peace, self worth lies under years and years of layers. These layers consist of negative beliefs,thoughts, experiences that you have subconsciously been layering upon your truth. Don’t feel bad this is part of the human experience, and definitely apart of our social conditioning. Sometimes we need to get lost in order to want to find our way home. 

Below are some of the ways I've been working this year to help me connect back to my truth anytime my old way of thinking reemerges... 

Learn to Recognise Fear

We need to be able to recognise when our fears arise. Awareness is power. So, spend some time getting to know your fears instead of allowing them to over power you.

Next time, your fears , satires or old patterns come up... 

Observe them.

  • What do they say to you? 

  • Where do they show up in your body? 

  • What do they feel like? 

  • Do they give you uncomfortable sensations? 

  • What do you usually do when they come up?

  • Do you distract yourself from them and ignore them by having some wine? chocolate? getting in argument … or do you allow them to takeover and spiral into a battle in your mind.

  • When you break the fears down… what are you really searching for you?  

  • What feeling are you seeking to harness within?

When you uncover the truth behind your fears, you will slowly start to  allow your truth in and overtime your truth inches more and more forward your fear will dissolve.

So for example, if you'er seeking thousands of followers on Instagram to feel a sense of self worth in your job, you may want to start connecting to the feeling of self worth and uncovering the layers of limited beliefs that have told you in the past you’re  not good enough. Understanding the fear, is the first step in healing it and returning home.

Return to the Present Moment 

When your fears arise and you feel overwhelmed, returning to the present moment is always a powerful choice and the best part's your choice to make. 

No matter how strong the fears, thoughts and mind chatter is that arises, once you know what it is and identify them, then choosing to be in the present weakens the mind. In the present moment everything is perfect. Once we start recognising that the present is a gift, and begin to have gratitude for all that we have... abundance, messages and clarity arrive at your door. You don’t have to look very far for your truth, but you have to have your eyes open

Always seek to be in Flow

The last thing i’ll share with you for now is, when you’re in the present moment you will feel a sense of flow. This flow is an energy and when we're in this energy we attract all that we’re meant to attract and all that we’re truly seeking. 

Something magical happens, when you rise above the fear, and commit to finding your truth… everything that is meant to be will come, and you will feel, all that you’ve ever truly wished to feel.

You will look back and laugh at the journey life has taken you down to finally arrive home, knowing that we never know what people, experiences, challenges and obstacles need arise in order for us to return back to truth, 

So this new years eve, as I set my intentions… I do not wish for a thing rather, I wish to feel happiness, love, strength, courage, knowingness, peace and above all Magik always! 

Remember, there are only 2 days left to register for Become the Most Magikal You… an 8 week online journey back to your truth. To join me on the journey book here!! 

Happy New Year Magikal Ones, I couldn’t be more grateful! 

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