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Become the Holder of Your Emotions

Over many Moons I’ve learnt that to connect to the true Wise Woman within we need to learn how to hold our emotions.

Emotions come with the beauty of being in tune with your feminine. Emotions are feelings that wash over us; feelings that seep into our cells and bring truth to the surface.

If you’ve been told you’re emotional and sensitive then by your very nature you’re in tune with yourself, you’re connected to your feminine, and the portals that lead to your deepest wisdom, intuition and knowing.

However, our emotions can cause just as much pain as they can truth, which has led me to uncover that being able to feel is only part of the work, deciding what you do with the feeling is the true power of the female... rising into the queen of cups, the holder of emotions.

As a child I was told I was too sensitive and dramatic. As a child I couldn’t decipher one feeling from the next, I didn’t have the emotional intelligence to understand my emotions, as such every feeling was explored, expressed and most definitely heard.

As I evolved into my teenage years and early adult life, my emotions became the catalyst for some of my biggest awakenings but also a trigger for some of the most painful and self sabotaging experiences in my life too.

It was there I began to understand that feelings and emotions are not the cause of anything, rather it’s how we respond to them that are. For the same emotion handled differently can provide two very different outcomes.

The truth is, emotions are feelings that cannot be denied, they rise up from within you. There is a truth to all feelings yet we are seldom taught the most effective way of dealing with them. More often than not when feelings and emotions arise we cling to habitual patterns and conditioning:

  • We suppress the feeling by distracting ourselves from it

  • We find something outside of us to blame on the emotion …convincing ourselves that it was created outside of us, leading us to project in onto our partners, circumstances or experiences .

Both these outcomes disconnect us from the truth of the emotion and become a way for the mind to latch itself onto the feeling. What this does is distract you from the important meaning that this emotion holds for you, it’s hiding you from the truth that is trying to be brought to light and the healing that is trying to take place.

Once we understand that emotions are just a way the soul and spirit can communicate with us, we can understand that the emotions are a flow of energy, a way for us to become aware of whats going on within, of what needs attention.

We must give our emotions more credit, for they hold such power, healing and wisdom within. If emotions are feelings then what they are really asking of us is to feel them!

What I’ve found is, our mind so rationally and quickly wants to fix the emotions we feel, our mind wants to return to “normal” and have the feeling subside. But what would happen if we just created the space for the emotions to be? What would happen if when we felt an emotion we looked within for the answer instead of outside of our selves?

The journey of learning to hold our emotions is a consistent challenge for the sensitive and feminine aspects in our selves. So often I have drowned in my emotions without a float, without even knowing how to save myself.

I continue to face this challenge of learning how to hold my emotions. I’m constantly being called to look within at my internals waters as feelings rise up and resist creating the storm outside.

I write this post to support myself, with the hope it will support all my sensitive sisters too.

It's taken me many Moons to realise that its only in journeying through the deepest of waters that we find the pearls of wisdom.

So next time the water of your emotions starts rising within, join me ... and lets create that sacred space, a moment to understand all thats lurking beneath the waters all thats being whispered to to us.

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