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How to Cleanse your Space

I spent this evening House Cleaning and by cleaning, I don't mean the typical mop, sweep, and hoover job.... I mean spiritual house cleaning.

I gathered my white bundle of sage, a ceramic bowl, my feather and a candle. I stood with the sage close to my heart, taking a deep inhalation I set my intention.

"I honour and ignite all your healing properties, please let your smoke travel through this space releasing and cleansing all the stagnant energy, creating space to be filled with love, Thank you ."

With that, I opened my eyes lit the sage and blew my intention out into the ether...I watched as the smoke began to travel and I surrendered to its flow.

A beautiful thing happened during my cleanse that I thought to share with you. The smoke began to guide me to all the places that need clearing. To my surprise these spaces were filled with stuff. As I wafted the smoke through these crammed corners, I had to manoeuvre through old piled up letters, papers and receipts, tops from bottles and a pair of random keys!

As I continued cleansing, all the clutter was being brought to light. I gathered the things I realised I didn't need as I went along and in doing that began to notice new space being created.

Things felt fresh, they had a different purpose and meaning, spaces were reborn, the space felt like it was flowing, there was a new energy that was able to travel through these spaces... new energy that was once covered in stuff!!

After the space was fully cleansed both spiritually and physically I realised so was I.

And with that the Magik and meaning suddenly unravelled.

The smoke had allowed me to create the space within bringing to light the clutter inside of me. I became aware, that just like the physical spaces we live in, we also hoard, clutter and hold onto things that we don't need within us. We fear letting go of the past all because we're afraid of what we'll find there when the space is empty...

Well darling, therein lies the Magik. Therein lies the trust. That lurking beneath our fears, doubts, and worries is something so much more spectacular that is just waiting for the space to come through.

A spiritual cleanse is sometimes all we need.

The Wise Women before us new that there was Magik in everything. So next time your washing the dishes, do it with intention and give your worries a little scrub too!

Here are some tips on a basic house cleansing ritual:

What you'll need:

- White Sage or Palo Santo

- 1 Candle

- Matches

- Ceramic Bowl

- Feather ( optional)

☾ Before you begin open all your windows to allow the energy to move through.

☾ Light a candle on your altar space or mantle piece

☾ Hold your bundle of Sage/ Palo Santo close to your chest and close your eyes

☾ State your intention for this cleansing, and when your ready open your eyes light the sage/ palo santo form the candle and as you blow out the flame, send your intention up into the ether.

Holding your burning Sage or Palo Santo close to your chest...

☾ Using your hands or a feather, waft the smoke through each room, with the ceramic bowl underneath ready to catch the ashes.

☾ As you waft the smoke through each room focus mainly on the corners of the room and the spaces you feel drawn to.

☾ Spend time in each room, and notice what starts to be catch your attention.. perhaps things you don't need anymore, clutter and mess getting in the way of you seeing and cleansing the space.

Take everything you don't need and place it in a pile ready to clear out later.

☾ Do this for each room. When you finished place the sage or palo santo back on your altar space, and spend some time connecting within. Did any emotions, feelings or messages come up within when cleansing the space? Is there any clutter in you your ready to release?

☾ Write down your observations.

☾ Then collect the clutter you piled up during the cleanse, and throw it away with honour along with the clutter you've been carrying within you for too long!!

For more private rituals ideas follow us on Instagram @thegoddessspace or check out our offerings here!!

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