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How to listen to the whispers of the wind?

I woke up this morning with a calling to go to the woods.

Arriving at 8am the winds of Aquarius were blowing, I stepped out the car with my dog by my side and we both felt the cold breeze caressing our faces; the breeze that whooshed us over to a signpost that read "Welcome to the woods".

At this time it may be important to note that I have been feeling a strong call to the woods for about three years. I don't mean just a walk in the woods I mean a full immersion. Every time I drive past those towering trees my heart longs to be enveloped in them, I imagine myself dancing, running falling into the trees. However, the callings have mostly been ignored by the loud rattle of my mind …excuses, timings, fears,not wanting to walk alone, not veering off the path.

On this crisp winters morning however, the call was answered. I began the walk with a deep intention to stay present... to allow myself to sink into nature as I walked between the worlds.

I promised to be in it rather than observe it. Breathe was my anchor as I began gliding down the pathway. Overtime my mind wanted to wander but every time it did I I returned back to the wind, the hallowing leaves, and the awareness of my dog who led the way.

Step by step I was immersing deeper and deeper into the woods, deeper and deeper into self, deeper and deeper into oneness.

The leaves became an extension of my hair, the branches of my arms, the trunks of my core and the roots of my feet...

As if in a trance the wind began to whisper

“The guidance you seek never arrives from figuring things out in your head , from working thing out in your mind, from searching for the answers… your answers come from a place of stillness , quiet, peace, when your in between the worlds. It is only then that you realise, the answers have never come from you but rather from me"

I continued on my path, my excitement began to grow as I felt more expansive, more open and more connected then ever.

I then arrived at a crossroads….I say a crossroads but what I mean is the normal path which lay ahead of us and an off the beaten track path that seemed to be calling my name.

The normal pathway was a wide, with trees framing it on either side, there were other people walking in the distance, and the sun was shining down. The path I was being called to couldn't have been more opposite it was narrow, it was dark, I could hardly make out the way, but knew this was the way to go.

I began to walk through the unknown an old feeling rushed over me, it felt like cobwebs were layering over my soul, dusty and it became hard to breather. I recognised the fear, and observed how with every step into the darkness the feeling of expansiveness, excitement and trust began to dissolve.

I watched as I kept turning my head around questioning my decisions, I observed my mind taking over and the repetitive stories began to play:

“The woods is no place for little girls on their own” ... “It is too quiet down here, no will hear you if you cry”

“ What could be lurking in the depths of the wood? Grizzly bears and Wolves?"

And just as I was about to turn and run the leaves began to whisper

“In the mists of the woods, when there lives only you and nature your conversation with source can unravel. The fear of solitude , the fear of being alone ,the fear of that deep connection to what is true triggers your ego … but once you walk through that you step into truth, you step into oneness, you step into the present moment which is filled with gifts”

I recognised these stories were the very blocks that disconnected me from my oneness. These fears were and all fears in life disconnect you from the truth, from the magik, from the answers you seek. For they fill up to much space within you and therefore block anything else from coming through.

All of a sudden the sun began to peer out though the leaves, a fox jumped over a fallen tree, the wind blew caressing my face once again and as I looked up I spun around it was just me and the trees … just us at one.

We wonder why fairytales speak of the witches who lived in the forests alone, for they knew their communion with nature was were they received the power.

With this beautiful realisation I continued my walk, this time looking up at the robins and the crows… knowing that all I was meant to be was in this very moment. All the inspiration I seek is right in front of me, all the creativity I wish to channel is available, all my dreams are before me… and the path to get there is not by walking on the same one that we all walk through, the one where our minds are figuring out the route… rather the path to get there is the one thats harder to see, more treacherous to walk through, the one that brings up fears and uncertainty but causes you to trust with full surrender, to ask for guidance and support and to recognise that it is not you who creates but you who is the channel of the creator!!

For it is only in times of true stillness,the times we are alone with nature do we receive the abundance ,can we hear the messages, do we see the Magik.

As I left the woods I realised all I was searching for was answered in the whispers of the winds, the tweeting of the bird songs, the light of the sun and movement of the trees.

So how do you listen?

↠ Commit to being there... set your intention to stay present

↠ Observe your mind as it tries to distract you away with business, to do lists, or fears

↠ Choose to rise above it.. as in that space you'll meet the otherworld, you'll begin to communicate with Nature and it will indeed communicate with you...

The problem then arises , how do you ever leave?

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