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The true meaning behind Wanderlusting

Our generation seems to have coined this magikal term "Wanderlust".

By definition it means "A very strong or irresistible impulse to travel". I'm sure most of us at some point in our lives have felt it. This surge that rises up within, that calling echoing for us to journey, to travel, to leave what we know and venture out into the unknown, to seek new lands.

I feel I've been carrying the wanderlust bug within me for a while, feeling that what lies beneath me time and time again is a true longing to travel, to explore, to go on an adventure and experience life to the fullest.

Its not just the excitement of new lands that causes this longing, but the journey of getting there. When I think about the journey my pulse starts to beat faster... when I dream of who I’ll meet, what I’ll see, where I’ll end up…the anticipation, the knowing that anything could happen and also the idea of doing it alone... truly venturing out, forging my own path… ahhh now that sums up Wanderlust to me.

Its funny because although I've lived with this feeling for a while, I never thought to dive deeper into these desires and try to connect and understand to the deeper meaning behind it.

What was I seeking when I dreamt of new lands?

What type of adventures was I looking to fulfil that ?

What quest was I truly yearning for?

I was able to begin to truly explore these questions when, for the past few years, I haven't been able to really act on my impulse to travel and my Wanderlust has laid dormant inside. For the first time I couldn't distract myself from the questions by travelling...and that was the gateway.

So, I sat with the feelings, the longings, the deep quest to explore and in those moments of stillness, well that was when the true journey began...

I'll be frank, the beginning of the journey felt like one of the worst travelling experiences you've ever had. I'm talking the plane being delayed, getting a seat in the back row squashed between a crying baby for what felt like a lifetime and to top it all off ...your bags getting lost at the other end.

You see at the beginning of my journey I was ill prepared, traveling through the unknown, meeting old parts of myself,my shadows. I was climbing the toughest of mountains within, getting swept up by the waves of my emotions, feeling the heaviness of my inner waterfall crashing down upon me. I was travelling through the driest of deserts walking through the darkest of nights, getting lost in translation many many times and feeling so alone in what felt like this big vast unknown city within, where although there were so many people, so many lights, so much noise and distractions… I’d never felt more alone.

The journey was tough at the beginning... until I realised that I was travelling without the right guidance. So I started seeking out for direction, and when you ask the universe with good intention it sends you a map with all you need... so i thought I'd share some of my directions with you, for they truly guided, supported me and comforted me on my inner journey.

In order to truly travel inwards, you must:

  1. Have faith in something bigger than yourself and truly cultivate that faith in your heart with a knowing that you are being guided. Whatever it is that you believe in God, Goddess, Deities, Energy... truly connect to it for that is the life force energy that will support you throughout.

  2. Keep the journey sacred, travel with respect, confidence and an inner knowing that you've got this.

  3. Confront any pain or darkness that arises rather than running away from it. You are only being shown what you need in order to rise into the best version of you! The truth is once you become aware of it and allow it to rise up, you begin to release it. This is the healing.

  4. Create a sacred space during your journey, commit to creating some TLC time for yourself, allow yourself to truly be wherever you are and always keep a journal close by to document your experiences.

  5. Find a tribe of Soul Sisters travellers; a community to connect with who are travelling on the same journey as you, Women you can speak to about your travels, who can understand and support me.

When I began calling in these practices all of a sudden I began to relax on the journey and just like Magik… the mountain didn’t seem so high, I began to befriend my shadows rather than run away from them, I allowed the waterfalls to wash over and cleanse me, I learnt to surf with my emotions instead of drowning in them, I walked the driest of deserts only to find an oasis at the end, the languages I found hard to speak I suddenly began to learn with ease, the city within didn’t seem so big anymore… for I had found my home in the city, filled with Women who supported, inspired and empowered me, and I watched as every dark night within turned slowly into light.

My wanderlust for the outside world, for new landscapes was just the universes way of guiding me towards the deep journey I was longing to embark on within. This wanderlust was an oppotuniay to meet the news terrain I knew I was ready to cross inside of myself , and for all the magical, unfamiliar and unexpected adventures I was ready to have.

The journey within is constant, which means this wanderlust we seek is always available… and when we commit to buying that ticket and taking that flight you begin to uncover a universal truth,everything comes full circle and the dots begin to connect.

“For the greatest journey she ever took was the one within her”

As I reflect back on my past journey inwards, it seems that in divine timing the universe gifted me the opportunity to finally go forth and visit the lands I saw within.

I started travelling at the beginning of this month so far, I've been to the mountains of Mexico, the desert in israel and next week I'll be visiting the oceans of the Atalanic and then travelling onwards to the jungle of Tulum.

When I arrived in the desert last week, I took a moment to breathe in the landscape with a knowing that I’d seen this before. I breathed it in knowing that the vast space I was looking out lives within me.

As I climbed the mountains in Mexico I remembered the challenges I'd faced and the lessons I'd learnt. I remembered to take every step one at a time, for thats how you truly get to to the top.

When I swam in the ocean and felt the waves as they crashed over my skin, I remembered the helpless feeling of drowning in my own sorrows and then remembered how I learnt to swim… and so I swam, allowing myself to glide gracefully through the water, knowing I knew exactly how.

And as I met new people, I took the time to see them, to see into them, I listened to their stories, I heard their mother tongue. For I was open to receive and so I gave, and received gold in the form of friendships in return.

For the World; each country, landscape and culture is a microcosm of the inner world that lives within us; reminding us that all you seek lies within.

The journey inwards is the truly the greatest journey you will ever take, and once you begin to walk it, you begin to see the world with different eyes.

I have to say, its a pretty amazing feeling when you take that step and journey within and then emerge with a deeper understanding, connection and relation to the world that lives outside of you. For perhaps all we are doing when we look out is merely projecting our inner landscape onto the landscape we see before us.

So if you're ready for a true adventure, I have created a 3 month online mentoring course to support you as you venture into your inner landscape and unlock your journey within!

Only a few spots remain, we will be flying inwards on the New Moon, June 13th 2018.

If your hearing call then join us... find out more about the course here!

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