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How to create your Beauty Rituals

“Beauty shouldn’t be about changing yourself to achieve an ideal or be more socially acceptable. Real beauty, the interesting, truly pleasing kind, is about honoring the beauty within you and without you. It’s about knowing that someone else’s definition of pretty has no hold over you.”

― Golda Poretsky

How do we bring beauty rituals into our daily practices without conforming to society's expectations of changing ourselves in order to be beautiful?

Well my journey with beauty began as a little girl, constantly observing beautiful women and associating that beauty with success, whether it was flicking through pages of glossy magazines, staring at the models and hoping I'd look a little more like them, or comparing myself to the dolls + princesses who were living their happily ever after.

Beauty had a very strong definition growing up and I spent most of my life trying to squeeze and fit into that mould.

My money and time was spent ironing out my hair daily; to smooth over my natural waves. I'd cover up my face with make up hiding the parts of me that didn't quite fit in and I'd squeeze myself into the latest fashion, guarding myself with black tight clothes to manipulate my form and make myself appear smaller than I was.

Beauty was a journey I had to embark on everyday , yet everyday, when I looked in the mirror after hours of trying to become more + more beautiful I was left feeling emptier and emptier inside.

As I began to walk my own spiritual journey; celebrating + adorning my physical form quickly became the last thing on my mind. Realising that no matter how hard I tried to make myself feel beautiful, if I didn't feel it within I was never going to feel it.

And so just like that all the time and energy I was spending on the outside, shifted focus to becoming about beautifying my inner self.

The money I'd spend on nails and hair quickly went towards crystals and new tarot decks!!

I began grooming and adorning my soul, giving time to my creativity and passions, accentuating and highlighting my spirit, nourishing my fears, tending to my inner child… and really delayering and taking off the masks that I felt I needed to put on in order to feel seen, held and heard in this physical world.

It’s a funny thing that happens when you spend that time within, when you do step back from the outside world and re-emerge... the whole world appears different. You know that the world hasn’t changed, but you recognise your growth by seeing how your perception has.

I began to have the capacity to see beauty in things that before I couldn't. The whole world alive, filled with magik. Beauty very quickly lost the regimented definition it once had, as I started finding beauty in everything. It wasn't confined to a single construct but rather became an expansive, never ending pool of awe and gratitude. Beauty stopped being about things needing to change, but rather a deep appreciation for its essence, and how in its individuality it shone.

And so, as I began to navigate my way in this new world, nature began to speak to me in new ways. I began to see how nature holds all that we need in terms of healing, support and connection.

Just like that the winds changed again, and I was begin called to refocus my energy back on my physical self, and just like the physical world took on a new form, as did my physical body.

How could I mirror what was happening within with what was happening outside of me.

I began to ask for support, I wanted to adorn my physical form, giving it the love, honour and adornment it deserved.

I knew that the old ways of plastering make up on, colouring my hair, lasering off my body hair were part of my old ways…they represented a need to change myself in order to feel beautiful.

I knew I needed to call in ways of beautifying myself with the intention of adorning, celebrating + honouring.

So I set an intention and just like magik over the past few months the universe has guided me to the most beautiful beauty rituals which I feel called to share with you . From Goddess facials, to crystal oils, to making your own soul perfume + bath rituals... Check them out here!

Goddess Facials

A few months ago, when I was sat in a beaytiful shamanic retreat, a beautiful woman came to speak to me and offered me a goddess facial. Infused with reiki, crystals rollers, essential oils + meditation … I have been going to see this magik wise woman and she has made me feel so divine everytime. Check her out here ,she will also teach you how to honour your own face, with crystal rollers + infused creams!!

☾ Sugaring

An alternatuve to the harsh chemicals of waxing. Sugaring offers a ritual of removing unwanted hair with natural ingredients done in an intnenitoal + grounding way! To learn how to self- sugar join Marianne at the goddess space on November 6th, as an intimate group of Women gather + learn how to create the paste in this hands-on practical workshop!! Book your spot here!!

☾ Perfume

The sad truth is many of our favourite perfumes contain harsh chemicals that we apply directly onto our skin, which is the dirertly flows into our blood stream. However, we can still smell beautiful without applying these chemicals. We can infuse our skin with nature, by using beautiful essential oils and mixing them with carrier oils! I’ve been making my own perfume for the past year using geranium oil. I feel so deeply connected to the earth when I wear natures scent on my body. Knowing i'm adorning rather than harming it.

☾ Ritual Baths

Taking some time out your day to run yourself a eautoful ritual bath. You can adorn this bath with beautiful oils, sprinkle flowers in your bath, place crystals in the water + use it as a magikal space to set intentions. You time isn’t self indulgent its fundamental! Create your sacred space! Check out more on this here!!

☾ Hair

I used to straighten my hair everyday, constantly be in the hairdressers trying to once again change my natural waves. But did you know different cultures and religions believe hair can reflect your inner-most emotions and traits, retaining its own unique spiritual power and energy. It protects the crown chakra number 1 being the only place on our body that grows that long. It is also seen that hair is a spiritual antenna havingth epower to receve informaiton and wisdom. As such cutting your hair can be a deeply healing energetic pratcice + washing your hair can act as a magikal ritual in terms of cleansing your anntaneas + adorning them with beautiful nnourhsing oils + condtioners. Currently my favourite is the dirt creativer foral hair rinse, which uses dried flowerrs as a natural shubsititue to non organic shampoos and consitioners that once again contain harsh chemicals!

Being beautiful isn't about changing who you are, but honouring who you are. Understanding that there is no definition of beauty, no matter how much society makes you believe is.

Beauty comes from the soul, so adorn your vessel, and let your light shine out!!

Sending all you beautiful beings infinite love!!

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