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How to turn your life into a ritual

The start of the year has been infused with new years resolutions + intention settings. The New Moon in Capricorn quickly followed New Years eve, along with the energy of the Solar eclipse that gave us a trilogy of powerful energy in which to reflect on who we were last year + who we are ready to step into this year.My intention for this year has been simple; to create a life of meaning. With the intention that anything that is not a reflection of my spirit + soul, wilt away, so that my world becomes a true reflection + celebration of my fullest, authentic self.

Living a life of meaning doesn't simply mean doing everything you want to do, it means bringing meaning to all that lies in front of you, it means accepting your life + choosing to bring intention to your reality, to find the Magik in the moments.

Living a life of meaning is a choice. It doesn't require that anything change around you rather, it requires that you change your perception of what lies in front of you.

So here are some magikal ways of bringing meaning + intention to our everyday lives this year..and learning how to turn your everyday life into a ritual. ☾ Cooking

Use it as a moment to be fully present, use it as a meditation practice; observing the mind as you chop your vegtables, quietening your thoughts as you breathe your way into the sensory experience of cooking, brewing + creating food to nourish yourself, your friends + family. You can seal intentions, wishes + invocations into your food and visualise receiving your wishes as you eat.

☾ Cleaning

When we clean we are performing a ritual. With intention, we sweep, we rinse, we cleanse the physical space that holds us. Cleaning if done with intention is a sacred act of purging + letting go of any negative energy that is being held in our space, in order to neutralise and cleanse the energy

around us. I would highly recommend investing in a smudge stick or pot of frankincense this year! Here are where I get mine from Frankincense + Smudge Stick!!

☾ Making Love

Having sex with meaning, begins with intention. As a Woman we hold the power to heal, transform and manifest during sex. So allow your sex life to elevate this year as you bring a greater sense of awareness, consciousness + power into your sacred time.

Create a sacred space for you and your partner... with intention. Light candles, awaken your senses, burn incense, dim the lights... and focus on your inner energy, every touch, feel, kiss, connection. Tune into your inner world, as you let your partner enter you, ensuring that what you give him back is your love, light + magik! ☾ Getting dressed

Put on outfits that empower you, inspire you + charge you up.

Clothes hold an energy, and when we dress with intention we set the energy into motion to allow our clothes to activate all that we are seeking to embody. I call it Soul Style, each morning can you connect to your spirit and tune into how she wants to be embodied today through the clothes you wear, the perfume you put on, the bag you carry.

So dress according to that with which you wish to manifest.. and see the magik unfold.


Go where you are led this year. Look at the callings inside of you as messages from Spirit, go where your soul is leading the path untraveled, take risks, be spontaneous... and await for the magik on the other side.

☾ Work

Bring your spirit to your work this year. Regardless if you are in a job you love or hate, you have a choice about what energy you bring to it. Your job, your work place is a vessel between you and the outside world... so allow this to be a platform for you to shine your light,and spirit to the world. You can never imagine the ripple effect you can have when you are truly shining. ☾ Finances

We birth what we hold inside of us, if we believe we are lacking this is the reality we will see outside of us. Using affirmations to rewrite the stories in your head is an amazing way to start. Change your password on your bank accounts, phone bills , computer sign ins to " I am Abundant ". Call in the money you are ready to receive . ☾ Sacred Spaces

Commit to creating sacred space for yourself once a week, 30 minutes - an hour of you time, book yourself into a beautiful gathering or workshop, take yourself on a walk, nourish yourself with beautiful products or food. Give to yourself so that you can be filled up this year.

This year, It is my intention to create a life of meaning. To turn every action into a ritual ,every choice I make into a prayer, every decision sealed with intention.


To join me in my sacred space please check out my upcoming gatherings + 1:1 sessions!

Sending infinite love,


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