The Women's Circle

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 Online Training 

January 2022

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"Anoushka's words are fire that light your path in the most magikal way"

Are you hearing the calling to hold your own Womens Circle?

Do you feel the urge to gather, hold space and support Women?

Is it your time to remember?

The Women's Circle Training is a 4-week intensive online course to support Women in remembering how to

create their very own Women's Circles.

The truth is the Circle is alive within each Woman, for we have been gathering for thousands of years. 

We’ve been honouring the moon, dancing with the sun and celebrating the changing of the seasons.

Within the Women’s Circle, it is here we feel safe; safe to explore the depths of ourselves, safe to be seen, heard and held. We share our stories, our fears, our hopes, our dreams, for it in this space we remember our power.


The intention behind this course is to support you in remembering this ancient feminine practice so that you can create these sacred spaces for your sisters, your daughters, your friends, your community.


Over the 4 weeks we spend together I will be guiding you back through each step of the circle so you feel empowered, confident and supported in holding your own.

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Week 1 


The History of the Women's Circles.

The benefits of the circle.

How you can tap into your own specific energy of holding space.

Identifying any fears around holding space.

Calling in your deepest intentions as to why you'd like to create these spaces.

Week 2


Preparing for the Women's Circle

The best dates/times to hold a circle.

How to connect nature to guide the flow and energy of the space.

How to tap into what elements/and tools to weave into your gathering.

How to decorate your Women's circle space.

Week 3


How to open/close the circle. 

How to smudge/cleanse energy. 

The difference between holding space + trying to fix

The typical flow and structure of the circle.

How to tap into your intuition through the circle.

Meditation/Ritual ideas.


Week 4 


Support on how to create your first gathering.

Support on how to create the structure/ flow of your own circle.

Identify places you can hold space.

How to send out the calling to invite Women to gather.

How to collaborate with others.

Closing Ceremony 

The Women's Circle

Online Training





Monday, January 17th 

DELIVERY: 4-week Program

  • Live + Recorded Video Call, every Monday evening at 8pm GMT 

  • Emailed Journal + Vision Workbook  

  • Online sacred community



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